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Stop and take a moment to remember these

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

Within the overall tragedy that is the COVID pandemic, there are collections of smaller tragedies:

  • health care workers who die while caring for COVID patients;
  • children losing weeks and months of learning and development;
  • businesses having to close.

Eventually, it is all too easy to become numb to all of it, to shake our head in sadness for a moment and then return to just trying to get through it.

In a recent tweet, KY 120 United reminded us of another group directly affected by the pandemic: school personnel. While trying to do their jobs and keep our school systems running and our children cared for, many of them have gotten the virus themselves, and some have died.

It's all too easy to turn away from lists like this, to hide our eyes and our hearts. Instead, take a moment to sit with this list, to think about those families and those schools and those students and how these deaths have affected them directly.

Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. And whenever you see them, thank the persons serving in your schools.


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