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Secret FB Pension Group Has 10,000 Members

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It started as a discussion among a few friends. “We’ve got to do something about this pension bill. At least, give ourselves a safe place to vent, and maybe even plan some rallies or something.”

So, they started a secret Facebook group, and invited some of their friends to join. The day the page got built and went up, and the admin finally went to bed, the group had about 40 members in it, all friends of the admin.

The next morning, there were 500.

Now, two months after the group was launched, they have over 10,000 members. And they are planning their first public event, a “Save Our Pensions” rally in Frankfort on Wednesday.

When asked about the growth, the admin said, “This is one of those issues that crosses party lines. Everyone is concerned for themselves, or for their family or neighbors. That’s why there is so much energy around saving our pensions.”

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The original page admin got so swamped with requests to join the group, the admin had to ask two other members to help vet and approve people. And the requests keep coming: the group should top 11,000 members this week.

“Right now, our main goal is to make the rally a success,” the admin continued. “We’re also trying to let people know about other events in their area. And, after Governor Bevin said no one was coming to him with alternative ideas, we asked our group for ideas, and have put together a document with 38 ideas for improving or saving the pension system. We’re sharing those with legislators, and hoping they will use them in the special session.”

At this point, the group is still a secret group on Facebook. But, the group has put up a second page on Facebook that is public, so they can advertise events. The rally on Wednesday is listed there, along with other upcoming rallies and meetings.

“We created this group to have a voice, and to work together for this cause that crosses party lines,” said the admin. “At this point, it looks like working together is working.”


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