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Should my hair be on fire, or no?

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If you’ve read Forward Kentucky for a while, you know that I try to avoid the “hair on fire” approach to our work. (And as long as my hair is right now, that approach would turn into a conflagration for sure.)

However, there continue to be developments at all levels of government that seem to call for alarm, if not an all-out hair-on-fire approach. Most of these are in Washington and have to do with Trump and his administration (of course). But some are state and local, as well.

For example, on the national level there is the Supreme Court case about whether a president has to obey a subpoena. There is also the dropping of the Flynn case. And, there are the indications that the Trump administration may actually be planning on prosecuting the persons who carried out the Russia investigation.

At the local level, there is the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, where an award-winning EMT was shot and killed by police in her own apartment, as they were looking for a drug dealer that had already been arrested earlier that night.

Some of these cases are new warning signals on the way to a national autocratic government. And others are recurring warning signals on the approach some law enforcement officers take to their work.

In all these stories, though, I struggle with finding the right approach. I want to shout about them from the rooftops, or use expressions in print that I don’t even use in my own home. Instead, I try to say calm and “professional” about them, when I’m not sure that actually does any good.

Sorry for the early morning ramble, but these news items and how to deal with them has been on my mind, and you get to hear my thoughts this morning. 😉  If you have any thoughts for me about this, or any feedback, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you on this, and I’d love a good discussion about it as well.


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