Some pre-filed bills to know about

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

We're still months away from the 2022 session of the General Assembly, but legislators are already requesting bill numbers and filing bills. Some of them are relatively neutral, while others are ones that will actually move the state forward. And of course, some are regressive or reactionary — and a few are batshit crazy, albeit in nice legislative-eze.

Here's a list of almost all of the bills that have been prefiled to date. I've tried to summarize the bills as best as I could, usually using language from the bill's own summary. If you want to work from the same page I used, it is here on the LRC web site. If you want to just look at one particular bill, use the link on the left to go to that bill's page.

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I've color coded any bills that I think are noteworthy, with light green for the "good" bills and light red for the "bad" bills. Note that there are other bills in the list, that I didn't color-code, that are nevertheless good (or perhaps bad). They just didn't strike me as being as worthy of pointing out.

Of note is that out of the 62 bills in the list:

  • 7 are anti-vaccine bills
  • 2 are anti-CRT bills
  • 2 are pro-guns bills
  • and 1 is anti-trans

And, I pulled out a few bills because even after doing some research, I could not really figure out what the bill was getting at – or, it seemed so narrow and technical that I wasn't sure it was worth including. (I'm sure someone will point out how wrong I am about any bill I leave out. 🙂)

I'll update this again in about a month, when more bills are prefiled.

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