Stivers attacks Beshear in presser; KDP and others respond Skip to content

Stivers attacks Beshear in presser; KDP and others respond

Senate President Robert Stivers held a press conference today in which he attacked both Governor Beshear and his administration. The KDP issued a response.

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A week ago, Governor Andy Beshear criticized the GOP in the General Assembly for their failure to enact their own mask mandate, saying that they "asked to go in at quarterback, and what did they do? They punted on first down."

Today (9/17), Senate President Robert Stivers (he of the "seven-zero!" shout) responded. But not only did he call out Beshear on his handling of the pandemic, he also attacked a number of other persons and departments across the executive branch.

Stivers began his press conference by encouraging people to get vaccinated. (Which was good.) He then proceeded to say that instead of the lege punting, the gov tried to run out the clock by taking the matter to court. (Lots of football analogies.)

Stivers also claimed that vaccinations are up in his home county of Clay, and that Joe Gerth doesn't know how to read or write when he makes fun of the initiative.

As reported by Joe Sonka on Twitter:

KDP response

In a short press statement by chair Colmon Eldridge, the KY Democratic Party responded to Stivers's comments:

“Today, Robert Stivers did his best Matt Bevin impression, attacking the governor, judges, reporters, science, state employees, the hard working public health officials who have saved lives, and just about anyone who dares question his failed leadership.

“Just a few weeks after telling us he was going to get all Kentuckians vaccinated by offering them all free pizza bread, Stivers is claiming his plan has worked. It hasn’t. With at least 33 Kentucky public school employees dying of Covid so far and 62 total deaths in Kentucky just yesterday, our fight with Covid is far from over. The Republican Super Majority owns this pandemic now and they are failing the people of Kentucky.”

A few other selected responses


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