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SB 18: Our state government needs more transparency, not less
Senate Bill 18 is just their latest grasp at trying to keep you, the public, in the dark.
KYGA quick hit: HB3, a juvenile justice bill
Quick analysis of a Republican priority bill by Rep. Kevin Bratcher
Gun violence: A conversation
Believe it or not, there is actually a gun law that is both sensible AND widely supported.

Cross-posted content

Large numbers of Americans want a strong, rough, anti-democratic leader
Many Americans, many of them Republicans, seek leaders who would violate basic principles of democracy.
KY120 AFT statement on HB 173, an omnibus anti-trans bill
HB 173 was filed on Tuesday, 2/7, with Josh Calloway of Irvington as prime sponsor. This is KY120’s statement in response.
The Patriotic Millionaires cheer Biden plan to tax billionaires and stock buybacks
“A tax code that takes less of the money I make from my wealth than the money that Americans work hard to earn is a tax code that is fundamentally broken.”
Kelly Craft vows to ‘dismantle’ Kentucky Department of Education and ‘start over’
Republican candidate issues statements after audio from recent campaign event drew attention

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