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Teamsters Local 89 wins big at Somerset IMI plant

Even while the UAW was celebrating their big win at VW in Chattanooga, they had another win in Kentucky.

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The United Auto Workers deservedly earned a ton of media coverage for its historic win at Volkswagen’s auto plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. Workers voted in the union by a whopping 73 percent margin.

Maybe it won’t make the national news. But 88 percent of workers at the IMI Somerset plant have voted to affiliate with Louisville-based Teamsters Local 89.

Naturally, the union celebrated the victory on its Facebook page. Organizer Wes Odle led the drive that added the Somerset workers to workers at “dozens of other IMI facilities that are represented by Local 89.

“Thank you to our IMI members at other plants who helped speak with these workers leading up to this vote, and to our organizing department and construction agents for the work they put into helping bring Somerset into the fold.

“From President Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer Cooper, and everyone at Teamsters Local 89 – congratulations to everyone at IMI Somerset, and welcome to the Local 89 family!”

Kentucky State AFL-CIO President Dustin Reinstedler took to his Facebook page to welcome these “new Kentucky union members,” adding “great work as always Teamsters Local 89.”

Reinstedler also noted that “there are thousands of people across Kentucky right now who want to join the momentum and form a union at their workplace. It’s easier and faster than ever. If you have any interest, please contact Kentucky State AFL-CIO to be put in touch with the right union for your industry.”


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