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The Wrap for Tuesday, 4/23/24

More analysis than news today, including a good piece by Al Cross on possible candidates to replace McConnell when he retires.

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A few notes from Bruce

  • I’ll be in Owensboro on Thursday night as part of a panel put on by the Daviess County Dems. If you are around there, come on by and say hello! Details in the story below.
  • You really should watch the interview I did with Erin Marshall. Smart, insightful, and a straight talker – all the things you want in a candidate. Check it out below.
  • I’ve been including tweets in The Wrap because they often contain news that may not be worth an entire story. You can always click the link to see if there is more in the thread.
  • I asked you yesterday about whether the “bookmark cards” are working for you, or if you wanted longer excerpts. If you have feedback, send it to me.

And remember – if you know of someone that might enjoy getting their political news this way, forward this to them so they can see what it’s like.

Thanks for reading!


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