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The Wrap for Tuesday, 2/27

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Editor’s note: This post is an experiment. It is a prototype of an article-plus-newsletter that I am considering adding to the site: a mostly-daily wrap-up of political and governance news across Kentucky. It will also include, at the end, a list of everything else published on Forward Kentucky that day.

Some of the links will be to stories on ForwardKY; some will be to other sites. The article and the newsletter would be limited to paying members only. If you have feedback on the idea and/or the format, feel free to leave it either in the comments below or by emailing me directly.

General Assembly News

Bill adds exception for rape, incest to state abortion ban
On the last day for new bills in the House, Republican Ken Fleming of Louisville filed a bill to modify the state’s abortion ban.
House Bill 5 would cost Kentucky more than $1 billion over ten years
The bill passed the House even though there was no financial impact statement. Turns out HB 5 is hella expensive.
Nuclear power plant bills get green light from Senate
FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) – Legislation that could lead to nuclear power plants being established for the first time in Kentucky won easy passage in the Kentucky Senate, Monday afternoon.
Five bills to watch in Frankfort this week - LINK nky
Kentucky lawmakers expect longer days in Frankfort as they enter the final leg of their three-and-a-half-month budget session this week. Bills to elevate maternal health, nuclear energy and research at […]

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Other News

Chicago is the latest city rethinking disputed technology that listens for gunshots
Louisville is one major city using ShotSpotter, and has come under criticism for the placement of the monitors in mostly poor and black neighborhoods.
Campbell County Republican Party elects new chair - LINK nky
Campbell County Republican Party elects David Slater as new chair after former chair Anna Zinkhon resigned due to internal divisions.
Trial to decide if Piagentini will lose his spot on the Metro Council begins
At the end of the trial, at least 18 members of the council would have to vote for Councilman Anthony Piagentini to be removed.

Other Content Published on ForwardKY Today

Let’s talk about those frozen babies
Bruce takes on the recent decision by the Alabama Supreme Court.
The ongoing attacks on higher ed in Kentucky
Anti-DEI, anti-tenure – they’re all part of a coordinated attack on higher ed by Republicans.


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The Abortion Ban Path of Totality

The Abortion Ban Path of Totality

After the eclipse earlier this week, we all know what the term “path of totality” means. Ben Fishel applies that term to another path, that of total bans on abortion.

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