These KY Repubs voted AGAINST their state. Don't let them claim otherwise later.

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

We’ve seen this movie before:  Republicans vote AGAINST a bill to help their state, then show up in the state claiming credit for the great stuff their state is receiving.

Here we go again.

The U.S. House finally passed the first of the two infrastructure bills that make up the bulk of President Biden's legislative agenda. This was the “hard infrastructure” bill, with programs for roads and bridges, rural broadband, and lots of other good stuff. All the Dems in the House voted for it, along with a number of Republicans.

But not our Kentucky Fearless Five. Or should that be the Failing Five? Because given a chance to actually HELP our state, they all failed. All five Republican representatives from Kentucky voted NO on the hard infrastructure bill.

So, dear readers, when one of these five comes to the ribbon-cutting for the new bridge in your town, or to help celebrate that your kids don’t have to go to a burger joint for decent wifi to do their homework, you must make a point of asking, “If you are here today for the results, why were you missing in action when it came time to vote for it? Why did you vote AGAINST helping your friends and neighbors?”

And media outlets – you have the same job to do. Don’t just take their picture shaking hands with the mayor as they both stand in front of the new water treatment plant. Look your Republican representative in the eye, hold up your microphone, and say “You knew we needed this. Why did you vote against it?”

Let’s be clear about who is investing in the people of Kentucky. It’s surely not the Fearless, Failing Five from Kentucky.

It’s the Democrats, from President Biden on down.


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