They're anti-science, anti-rational, and paranoid as well. Why?
A vaccine protest at Wake Forest Medical (photo by Anthony Crider [CC-BY-20] via Flickr)

They're anti-science, anti-rational, and paranoid as well. Why?

Berry Craig
Berry Craig


My parents all but deified Drs. Salk and Sabin because their polio vaccines were the one-two punch that finally knocked out polio, the crippling, killing terror virus whose victims were mostly kids.

Were they alive, I have no doubt that Sue and Berry Craig Jr. would be venerating scientists who developed the vaccine against COVID-19, the uber-contagious virus that has triggered the deadliest pandemic in a century. I’m sure they’d have gotten the shots, too.

Self-preservation is supposed to be the first law of nature. So I don’t understand folks who won’t get vaccinated and refuse to wear face masks to protect themselves and others against a malady whose death toll far exceeds the number of Americans who perished in World War II.


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