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Think our unemployment benefits are too high? Think again.

Repubs are constantly going on about how much we “waste” on unemployment benefits. Perhaps they should see this graph.

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Photo by Steve Knutson / Unsplash

Kentucky Repubs continually and consistently try to cut our unemployment benefits, saying they are a disincentive to working. (They’re not.)

The truth is, our UI (unemployment insurance) benefits are terrible, especially when compared to other first-world countries. One way to measure that is to note how much of your previous working income you would receive in one year after you became unemployed.

Here’s a graphic from the Visual Capitalist showing how the U.S. compares to other countries in the support we provide to the unemployed.

So, the next time some Repub starts to natter on about how much we “waste” on unemployment, just send them this graphic. Perhaps it will wake them up to the problem.


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