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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! Hope your weekend has gone well. It’s been a beautiful day here at ForwardKY HQ – unlike Election Day this past Tuesday, when it rained all across the state. The polling place I worked at had about 15% turnout, which is horrible of course ... but also better than much of the state.
    With the primaries decided, though, I suspect we’ll be dealing with much higher turnout this fall. The gubernatorial campaigns have already started going after each other, and it’s not even Memorial Day, so you can bet there will be lots of election news throughout the summer. Remember to click the “Election 2023” choice in the menu to see the latest election-related stories.
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Most-read article

Some “Republicans” may have a shock on Tuesday
When they ask for a Republican ballot, and are told they are still registered as Dems and thus can’t vote in the Repub primary.

All other content

DeSantis and Repubs attack academic freedom
It’s the same attack used by authoritarians throughout history.
The deep state is deep doodoo
The Priory of Sion, the Illuminati, the Deep State – we’ve seen this movie before.
Let’s talk about polling on why people are leaving religion
It has to do with the relationship between some religious establishments and a certain group of people.
James Comer’s latest screw-up: He can’t find his informant
Looks like the dog ate the nothing-burger.
Thanks to McConnell, Trump, and himself, Cameron looks strong
With support from both, plus his own disciplined campaign, Daniel Cameron will be a formidable opponent in the fall.
Here’s this week’s News Quiz!
Think you know this week’s news? Take the quiz and find out!
Bruce’s Take: To everything there is a season
A time to negotiate, and a time to say “hell no!”
More than 17,000 Kentuckians could lose food aid
The new SNAP reporting process, complicated by design, could cause thousands of Kentuckians to go hungry.
Election predictions AND reactions
This week Jazmin and Robert talked about the end of the primary campaign, and predicted what would happen when results started coming in – then later, once the results were clear, they recorded their reaction to the results.
Election re-cap and kick-off w/ Rep. Col Pam Stevenson
Aaron, Kimberly, and Martina cover the results from Tuesday’s elections and then welcome Rep. Col. Pam Stevenson to the show. We’ll check in on how her state-wide campaign is shaping up, what her constitutional role means for our commonwealth, and how folks can help her effort.
Beshear Campaign launches first ad of the general election
Ad highlights Beshear’s track record of delivering jobs, rebuilding communities and making Kentucky better for our kids
Texas: Churches donated to candidates with conservative agendas
The town rejected their picks, and now the donations are under investigation.
‘Woke’ – the new dogwhistle
It’s time to call it out for what it truly is.
Yes, there were other races on the ballot – here’s the results
These people campaigned as well, so let’s talk about their races.
It’s Cameron vs Beshear
Cameron wins, Quarles pulls into second, and Craft winds up in third.
Lexington State Representative Lamin Swann passes away at 45 following medical emergency
Swann became a state rep in 2022 via a special election.

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I like voting “early.” When do you go to cast your vote?

The ACLU lawsuit against SB 150


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Bruce Maples

Bruce Maples has been involved in politics and activism since 2004, when he became active in the Kerry Kentucky movement. (Read the rest of his bio on the Bruce Maples Bio page in the bottom nav bar.)

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Voting rights at risk after Supreme Court makes it harder to challenge racial gerrymandering

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