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Yes, there were other races on the ballot – here’s the results

These people campaigned as well, so let’s talk about their races.

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While the Republican cat fight for governor got all the attention, there were actually a number of other races on the ballot on Tuesday. Here’s the results, along with a little background on some. Note that the only down-ballot race that was contest on the Democratic side was Ag Commissioner; all the rest were Republican primaries.

Secretary of State

Current SOS Michael Adams defeated election denier Stephen Knipper 64%-26%. Knipper has long said that past elections in Kentucky were not secure and could not be trusted, including the 2019 governor’s race and the overall 2020 presidential race. One way to look at this result is to say that the work Adams has done to expand voting access in the state was appreciated. On the other hand, apparently 26% of Republican primary voters agreed with Knipper’s conspiracy theories.


Allison Ball, the current state treasurer, rode what name recognition she has to a win in this race against Derek Petteys, 72% to 28%.

State Treasurer

In this three-way race, Mark Metcalf won with 51% of the vote. Andrew Cooperrider, the coffee-shop owner who defied pandemic regulations, came in second with 29%, and OJ Oleka was third at 20%.

Ag Commissioner – Dem

Sierra Enlow, an economic development consultant with an agriculture background, defeated Mikael Malone 59% to 41%.

Ag Commissioner – Repub

Jonathan Shell defeated Richard Heath for the Republican nomination for Ag Commissioner, 56% to 44%.

Special Election for Senate 28

In the special election for the District 28 seat in the Kentucky Senate, Greg Elkins (R) beat out Robert Sainte (D) and Richard Henderson (I).
 Greg Elkins (R) – 7,899 – 50%
 Robert Sainte (D) – 4,968 – 31%
 Richard Henderson (I) – 3,001 – 19%

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