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Tilton to McConnell: 'You will never be a hero'

Berry Craig
Berry Craig

I’d love to see the expression on Mitch McConnell’s mug when he reads Toni Tilton’s constituent letter. If he does read it, he might put on Kevlar gloves first.

"You will never be a hero – only a lying despot willing to do anything to keep riches & power," she singed.

Tilton belongs to Four Rivers Indivisible, a regional branch of the national Indivisible organization.

Tilton read her letter to about 20 people who gathered outside the senator’s Paducah field office Wednesday afternoon to protest his opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act. Her missive prompted cheers and applause.

Toni Tilton
Toni Tilton (photo by Berry Craig)

Four Rivers and the Mayfield-Graves County NAACP sponsored the rally after which Tilton joined a trio of rally-goers who hand-delivered her letter and other protest letters to a staffer in McConnell's office.

The boss happened to be in town, but out at the city's Barkley Regional Airport, where he joined Gov. Andy Beshear and other state and local dignitaries at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new passenger terminal. Maybe McConnell dropped by the office afterwards and picked up the letters.

Anyway, the Senate minority leader fancies himself a frightening fellow. He's dubbed himself "Darth Vader" and the "Grim Reaper." He delights in dismissing detractors with smarmy smugness.

But McConnell blew a fuse in July, 2019, when MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, called him "Moscow Mitch" on TV. (Retired Murray teacher and local newspaper columnist Marshall Ward had hung the handle on McConnell in print in April, 2019.)

While Tilton addressed him as "Senator McConnell" not "Moscow Mitch," her letter was anything but fan mail:

Read the letter at the KY AFL-CIO web site.

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Berry Craig

Berry Craig is a professor emeritus of history at West KY Community College, and an author of seven books and co-author of two more. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)


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