Time to indict Donald Trump

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples

I’ve just finished watching today’s hearing of the January 6th committee. I’m angry at what was done to these witnesses: at the attack on our democracy, at the death threats, at driving a 70-year old woman out of her home.

There are more hearings, there are more witnesses, there are more facts to put forward. That’s the committee’s prerogative. But after watching and absorbing all of this so far, I have only one reaction:

It’s time to indict Donald Trump.

Yes, I know that may be problematic. I know that will cause turmoil in our country. I know all the reasons say we must wait.

I don’t care. How much more do we need to hear? How many more lives do we need to see ruined like Shea Moss? How much more damage to our democracy will we stand for?

If Donald Trump gets away with this attempted coup, no one who could have acted should ever let the phrase “the rule of law” come out of their mouth.

Indict Donald Trump. Now.


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