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Tornado: Safe spaces for humans and animals

Information for people and animals who need a safe space to stay in, including foreign-born residents

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Last updated Wednesday, 12/15 at 3:00 PM

Note: This information comes from various lists and sources. Some of it may be incorrect. If you discover that an item is incorrect, please contact us at This article only covers places to stay; for other forms of help, please look at the Give and Get Help article.

Community Safe Spaces

  • Benton – Marcella's Kitchen 868 Guy Mathis Rd. Benton KY
  • Bowling Green – SOKY Fairgrounds/Lampkin Park will accept people with pets and has beds available.
  • Bowling Green - Jennings Creek Elementary 2617 Russellville Rd (270) 904-9200- has beds available and medical care available
  • Bowling Green - The Housing Authority has units available for rent and is able to expedite applications for those that have already applied for assistance through the Red Cross
  • Bowling Green - Henry F. Moss Middle School open for safe place 2565 Russellville Rd BGKY (270) 843-0166
  • Bremen - Bremen Elementary School is giving out supplies, hot meals and is a shelter. They are only accepting donations of limited items at this time due to space.
  • Earlington - Earlington First Baptist-providing shelter and meals
  • Greenville - If you or someone you know has been displaced from their home due to the catastrophic tornado that has hit the northern end of Muhlenberg County, call 1-855-891-7325 for assistance
  • Madisonville - Bud's RV World- has LONG TERM RV rentals & will work with your insurance. Also has rental cars & trucks. Call 270-821-4000 or visit 1200 McCoy Ave. Madisonville, KY.
  • Madisonville - Victory Church 615 Brown Rd. Madisonville, KY– showers, beds, food, bathrooms, water available
  • Russellville – Henry F. Moss Middle School open for safe place 2565 Russellville Rd BGKY (270) 843-0166


  • Contact your local shelter or veterinarian for assistance, most will know what to do if they cannot board your animal.
  • CCW Reptiles temporarily boarding reptiles and other exotic animals. 270-556-8218
  • Hopkins County Humane Society- taking in displaced pets/animals. No calls please. They have no electricity and their phone is down. They are posting photos of displaced animals on their Facebook page for identification.
  • Tender Care Veterinary Clinic (Madisonville) - housing of displaced pets
  • If your pasture fencing has been destroyed or you need a temporary safe space for your horses, contact Kentucky Humane Society about temporary sheltering options or a safe place for your horses. Email or call our Horse Helpline: 502-272-1068
  • Marcus Rushing 224 Hughes Rd Wickliffe KY has pasture and barn for cattle/horses free of charge to victims of the tornadoes. Call or text him at 985-605-4068
  • Dara Burnham Triplett: I have a 4 horse trailer hooked up with first aid blankets etc… for horses if anyone need help getting their horses to safe place for temporary placement just PM me or call 2702100546
  • Ceglinski Animal Clinic 5401 Blandville Rd Paducah KY offering free housing for displaced pets 270-554-0171
  • River Retrieval Kennels LLC 5796 Old Mayfield Rd. Paducah KY offering housing for displaced pets 270-556-4433
  • Home-to-Home Pet Fostering - - Foster 911 allows direct placement of those needing to find short term homes for their pets and those seeking to place their pets.
  • Discounted short- and long-term boarding: Paw-a-Day Inn, 1415 Campbell Ln (270) 904-3591. Up to 50% discount for tornado victims who have been displaced, Rates starting at $30, Vaccines required: Rabies, distemper, parvo, flu, negative fecal, Bordatella.
  • Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society 925 River Street 270-783-9404
  • Barkmore 1698 Brianna Court (by Meijer Grocery in Bowling Green) - Rates start at $25 for cats and $35 for dogs. Other pets accepted. Vaccine requirements: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, and the Flu vaccine. Inquire about tornado discounts at
  • Masters Boarding Kennel 582 Pleasant Hill Rd (270) 842-0848 Rates start at $30 for dogs, $15 for cats Vaccine requirements: Rabies, Bordatella, Distemper, Parvo, Flu for dogs. Rabies, FVRCP and FELV or in place of the FELV, for indoor-only cats a negative feline leukemia test is required.

Reminder for foreign-born persons

Reminder: You are safe to seek disaster relief at any of these places regardless of your immigration or citizenship status.

Es seguro buscar ayuda en caso de desastre en cualquiera de estos lugares, independientemente de su estado migratorio o de ciudadanía.

သင်၏လူဝင်မှုကြီးကြပ်ရေး သို့မဟုတ် နိုင်ငံသားဖြစ်မှုအခြေအနေ မည်သို့ပင်ရှိစေကာမူ အဆိုပါနေရာများအနက်မှ သဘာဝဘေးအန္တရာယ်ဆိုင်ရာ ကယ်ဆယ်ရေးကို သင်ရှာရန် ဘေးကင်းပါသည်။

Ou an sekirite pou chèche sekou pou katastwòf nan nenpòt nan kote sa yo kèlkeswa sitiyasyon imigrasyon ou oswa sitwayènte ou.

أنت بأمان لطلب الإغاثة من الكوارث في أي من هذه الأماكن بغض النظر عن حالة الهجرة أو الجنسية الخاصة بك.

تاسو خوندي یاست چې ستاسو د کډوالۍ یا تابعیت وضعیت په پام کې نیولو پرته له دې ځایونو څخه هر یو کې د ناورین سره د مرستې غوښتنه وکړئ.


شما می توانید بدون توجه به وضعیت مهاجرت یا شهروندی خود، در هر یک از این مکان ها برای کمک به بلایا کمک بگیرید.

Badbaadadaad u leedahay inaad ka raadiso gargaarka musiibada mid ka mid ah meelahan iyadoon loo eegin socdaalkaaga ama heerkaaga dhalashada.

Sigurno možete potražiti pomoć u slučaju katastrofe na bilo kojem od ovih mjesta bez obzira na vaš imigracijski status ili status državljanstva.

Uko salama kutafuta usaidizi wa maafa katika mojawapo ya maeneo haya bila kujali uhamiaji wako au hali ya uraia.

אתה בטוח לחפש סיוע באסון בכל אחד מהמקומות הללו ללא קשר לסטטוס ההגירה או האזרחות שלך.

Դուք կարող եք ապահով օգնություն փնտրել այս վայրերից որևէ մեկում՝ անկախ ձեր ներգաղթի կամ քաղաքացիության կարգավիճակից:

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