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Want a clear example of gaslighting? Mike Johnson obliges.

And with a straight face, no less.

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Speaker Mike Johnson delivering a whopper of a gaslight. (Screenshot from YouTube video)

Gaslighting: A form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind.

Markers of political gaslighting: Downplaying obvious wrongs, discrediting political opponents, encouraging deliberate misinformation, and diverting attention from relevant news.

For years now, ever since Donald Trump descended that escalator, we the American people have been treated to an ongoing flood of gaslighting from Republican elected officials. Obviously, Trump was the master of the technique, but many other Republicans, including our own Mitch McConnell, have used this technique without shame.

However, the new Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-WolfInSheep’sClothing), recently delivered one of the best examples of gaslighting I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. It was during a presser where he was explaining why the Republicans in the House are trying to impeach President Biden.

And in the midst of his statement, he delivered this crystal-clear gaslight passage – one that could (and should) go into college textbooks as how to obfuscate and lie, seriously, sadly, and with a straight face.

I was on Trump’s impeachment defense team twice. And we lamented openly, and we decried how the Democrats politicized that process. They were brazenly political in how they brought those meritless impeachment charges against the president.

This, what you’re seeing here, is exactly the opposite. We are the “rule of law” team. The Republican party stands for the rule of law.

– from a 19th-century novel

So if someone asks you what “gaslighting” is, just show them this example. Then you can join in the laughter from anyone actually in touch with reality.


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Bruce Maples

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