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Hey – it’s the weekly newsletter!

Guess what – it’s an actual newsletter from Bruce at ForwardKY!

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Notes from Bruce

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I won the lottery and moved to Tahiti. It’s just been a crazy busy time – that’s why I haven’t sent a newsletter in a few weeks.

For those of you who are new members, I’m supposed to send a newsletter every weekend, listing the posts for that week and sharing any news about the site. But, the last one was three weeks ago, so I’m a little behind.

And speaking of new members – we’re currently at 734 members, with 128 of those as paid Patrons or Partners. Welcome to all of you who have joined in the past month!

Below are a series of short updates about the site. Since I haven’t done a newsletter recently, the list is longer than usual. Don’t worry – it won’t always be this long.

Thanks for being a member, and thanks for reading! And as always, if you have feedback, just reply to this email.


Site news and reminders

Election Central adds interviews – We’ve added candidate interviews from My Old Kentucky Podcast and Colonels of Truth to Election Central. You can find them in the race pages, or you can check out the Interviews page.

New sharing buttons – We've installed new and better sharing buttons on each story, to make it easier for you to share articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, and many other services, as well as emailing a link. Please use them to share stories you think worth sharing; it's how we grow.

Reminders about other features – You can Like an article at the top of the story, if you are logged in. And, at the bottom of every story are buttons to create a PDF of the story that you can save or print or email. It also lets you delete any pictures or other things you don't want. And remember, if you are logged in you can add comments under the stories.

The Daily Take – If you are at the Partner level, you can get my "Daily Take" column in your inbox each M-F morning. It's my take on political news of the moment, and is usually about a 7-minute read. Yes, you can read it on the site, but seeing it in your inbox is definitely easier. Go to your profile on the site (button in lower right) and turn it on in Manage Newsletters.

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok – In case you can’t tell, I'm pretty much a “words” kind of person. I’m not photogenic, for sure, and I don’t have time to put a lot of effort into video work. But, I'm also aware that we are missing out by not posting regularly on these sites. So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to experiment with doing some short commentaries on video, and see what happens. Watch for more about this on the site.

Most-viewed posts the past three weeks

Fancy Farm is dead
“Not funny, just mean.” So wrote Garrison Keillor in the margins of homework – and so he would have written of the speeches at Fancy Farm. Teri Carter explains why.
We finally got the KRS report. Did we get our money’s worth?
After over a year of stonewalling, the KY Public Pension Authority finally released the outside report into KRS. Was it worth the $1.2 million we paid for it?
A 12-step program for more guns in our schools
There is a continual push by some to get more guns in our schools, including arming all teachers. Where might this lead?
Thank you for your servitude
“Sometimes you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying,” my grandmother used to say. This book had Berry Craig laughing out loud in the bookstore – until it didn’t.

Media the past three weeks

Susan Cintra & Teresa Barton
This week Robert spoke with two women running for Kentucky Senate in Central and Northern Kentucky Susan Cintra and Teresa Barton. They both spoke about their reasons for running, their experiences before running for office, and lots other items.
Comer will impeach Biden, Guthrie’s a debt hypocrite – w/guest Jimmy Ausbrooks
Aaron and Kimberly discuss the recent outrages from KY’s Congressional Republicans, how Andy can show he’s a true man of the people, and welcome Jimmy Ausbrooks, running against Jamie Comer for the expansive (and gerrymandered) 1st Congressional district.
Grayson Vandegrift interview, abortion ruling at SCOKY, and a special session
This week we welcome Grayson Vandegrift, the Democratic candidate in House District 56 in Woodford, Franklin, and Jessamine Counties. He spoke to us about running in this area with deep Democratic roots but which has been trending towards Republicans.
Midterm Madness
The elections are just 75 days away - who’s got the best take, Mitch McConnell or Andy Barr? Then it’s Grayson Vandegrift and his race to go from Midway’s mayor to the rep for the 56th district. Finally, we interview KY author Farrah Alexander about her book, “Resistance in the Bluegrass.”
Debby Lucas Angel & Meagan Brannon Interviews
This week we have two interviews: Debby Lucas Angel, who is running in the 61st District against Savannah Maddox, and Meagan Brannon, who is running in central and northeast Kentucky. In addition, we had a few quick hits.
Willie helps us take Rand to school w/guest Hank Linderman
With guest host Teacher of the Year Willie Carver, we cover Rand Paul’s week of “leadership,” and learn how teachers are holding up during the war on public education. Then, we welcome KY-2 candidate Hank Linderman, and learn why he thinks could help unite rural and urban voters.

Selected stories from the past three weeks

Who can beat Beshear?
Forecasting is a dangerous business, whether in weather, the stock market ... or politics. Even with the risk, I decided to share some thoughts on the gov race. Do you agree?
As the Fourth Great Turning unwinds, technology is speeding up the process
We are entering American history’s Fourth Great Turning. The 80-year cycle is in play again. Thom Hartmann explains.
What if Trump’s conspiracy was way bigger than we know?
Was there a high-level conspiracy in the Trump administration, done with one or more foreign countries, to end democracy in America? Was their next plan to realign us with Russia & autocratic nations?
The dangers of student indoctrination
Nazis did it. Russians are doing it. Are we in the U.S. going to follow in their footsteps?
10 questions for Repub candidates this fall
Enough with pablum answers to innocuous questions! Here are 10 questions I want to hear Republicans answer this fall.
Could Democrats actually win in November?
Yes, it’s just one poll – but could it be right? Ken Wolf takes a look.
Paul protested in deep-red Western Kentucky
Sen. Rand Paul probably didn’t expect protesters when he stopped in Republican Red Bardwell, almost as far west as Kentucky goes. But he got them.


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