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Update #3, plus this week’s story list

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! Over the past two weeks, I’ve been listing out some new features on the site. This week's new feature is transcripts of podcasts, for those of you who would rather read than listen. Check it out below!
    And, I’m excited to announce that we have our first sponsor! Once we nail down exactly what message(s) this sponsor wants to share, you’ll start seeing them in our newsletters. Do YOU know of an organization that would want to support the work? Tell them about becoming a ForwardKY sponsor!
    Finally, as we head toward the new year, you will be seeing more encouragement to sign up for a Partner membership so you can keep up with the General Assembly. If you are not a member at the Partner level, consider moving up to that level.
    And as always, thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!



Update #3 – Podcast transcripts

I have learned over the years that many of our members prefer reading over listening to podcasts or watching videos. So, if you are in the group, you can now get in on all the great interviews and commentary in our media content, by scrolling under the embedded media and reading the transcript!

Note, though, that the transcripts are only for members at the Patron ($5) and Partner ($9) levels. So, if you are a Friend (free) member, consider upgrading to the Patron level for both the transcripts and all the perks at that level.

And finally, if you want to read the transcripts, be sure you are logged in. Otherwise you’ll get the “this is for paying members only” message.

Update #2 – The ForwardKY Store

Last week, I shared about our new ForwardKY Store. Right now, we only have bumper stickers, but we’ll be adding more merch soon. Go buy yourself one of our stickers (I’m partial to the ones that say “Forward Kentucky” <g>)!

Update #1 – Sponsorships

We are now recruiting sponsors for our newsletters, podcasts, and videos. The slots are really inexpensive (as in, cheap!), but will get your message(s) in front of some of the most engaged activists in the state. Become a sponsor today!

This Week’s Content

Most-Read Article

Beshear appeals to our better angels; Cameron panders to prejudice
The tone was set at Fancy Farm, and hasn’t changed: Beshear still calls for vision and unity, while Cameron preaches division and hate.

The Rest of the Content

Ticket-splitters propel Beshear to resounding victory
In a race that was decided early in the evening, Andy Beshear won a second term.
Down-ballot Dems lose state-wide races
The Dem ceiling this election? 43%
Among the Repub D-List
Just in time for the next Republican debate
Adrielle Camuel wins special election to KY House
She fills the seat formerly held by Lamin Swann, who died earlier this year.
The hate campaign was a failed campaign
The Mitch McConnell tactic of “make them dislike your opponent more than they like you” backfired this time.
WHY Polling is Dead, Dead, Dead.
Excellent explanation why political polling (or any polling, for that matter) is no longer viable or reliable – if it ever was.
Ohio enshrines abortion rights in state constitution
The amendment, which takes a somewhat middle-of-the-road approach to the question, passed overwhelmingly.
Democrats take control of Virginia legislature
For the Republicans: Close, but no cigar.
‘If we don’t have Beshear back in there, we won’t have a firewall any more.’
How bad would a Cameron win be for labor? “The sky’s the limit.”
A note about that poll showing the race tied
Are you freaking out over the latest Emerson poll? Take a breath, and let’s dig into it.


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