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What's up with Forward Kentucky?

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If you are a regular visitor to this site, you have no doubt noticed some changes. And you may have wondered, Just what is going on with Forward Kentucky?

The simplest answer is: We are refocusing our work.

For almost six years, we have worked to grow into the go-to site for Kentucky politics. We have focused on providing what the tagline said: Objective news, effective policy, and progressive commentary. All of this to be “the progressive voice for Kentucky politics.”

Over the years, we slowly grew our financial base, but never large enough to hire staff – such as, an actual reporter of our own in Frankfort. And, it became obvious that the content most of our readers valued was the “voice” part, and less the “news” and “policy” parts. So, we are focusing on providing that voice, and on standing for progressive values across the state.

One dramatic change is that we are no longer trying to build a financial base through memberships. Instead, we have added a Donate button for anyone who wishes to support the site.

And, we have dropped the paywall and the memberships. So, everything on the site can be read and shared by everyone.

Yes, it’s some substantial changes. We may, at some point, add back in some of the resources we provided, such as the Activist Guide. But for now, our focus is good commentary.

And, that includes you! If you have something to say, and want us to publish it, feel free to send it in to Bruce@ForwardKY.com. You won’t get paid, and it may not even be published. But progressive content is what we are looking for, and we’re open to writers, photographers, cartoonists, and all manner of content.

If you’ve got feedback on these changes, feel free to make a comment below. Or, if you want it to be private, send it to me directly.

And whatever you do, keep reading and sharing. Kentucky still needs a progressive voice, and we’re going to keep on being that voice.

Bruce Maples


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