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Which KY reps in DC support retired folks the most?

The numbers aren’t a surprise.

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"Elections have consequences," Bill Londrigan often warns.

There's evidence aplenty to back up the Kentucky State AFL-CIO president. Some current proof includes the American Alliance for Retired Americans' Congressional Voting Record, which “scores every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative on key retirement security issues.”

Kentucky ARA President Kirk Gillenwaters forwarded us the 2022 report which is based on “10 Senate and House floor votes, including bills to lower prescription drug prices, provide additional funding for the Social Security Administration and protect voting rights.”

Download the national report here or the Kentucky report here.

We found no big surprises in the Kentucky section of the report, which grades lawmakers on a scale of zero to 100 percent on a “Pro-Retiree ’22 Score” and a “Lifetime score.” Okay, maybe a small surprise: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) notched 40 percent for 2022, though his lifetime rating is still 11 percent.

Sen. Rand Paul (R), earned a 0 last year and 11 percent lifetime.

Here's how the ARA sized up Kentucky's six congressman: James Comer (R-First District), 11 for ’22, 8 lifetime; Brett Guthrie (R-Second), 10, 8; John Yarmuth (D-Third) 100, 100; Thomas Massie, (R-Fourth), 10, 16; Hal Rogers (R-Fifth), 20, 11; Andy Barr, (R-Sixth) 10, 6.


2022 score

Lifetime score

Sen. Mitch McConnell



Sen. Rand Paul



Rep. James Comer



Rep. Brett Guthrie



Rep. John Yarmuth



Rep. Thomas Massie



Rep. Hal Rogers



Rep. Andy Barr



(Yarmuth retired last year and was succeeded by Democrat Morgan McGarvey, who was unanimously endorsed by the state AFL-CIO.)

At least, Kentucky’s two senators and six congressmen are consistent. The five Republicans are also among the most anti-labor lawmakers in Washington. Yarmuth, who retired last year, was among the most pro-labor legislators in our nation's capital. Check out the AFL-CIO’s Legislative Scorecard.

Which side are you on?” asks the famous old union song with a United Mine Workers of America and eastern Kentucky connection. Look no further than the ARA and AFL-CIO ratings to find the answer.


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