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Women: Daniel Cameron wants your medical records

And why, pray tell, would he want those records?

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Kentucky attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron has signed on to a letter to the Biden administration, opposing a federal rule protecting the privacy of medical records related to reproductive health care services obtained outside the state.

In other words, if you go to another state to obtain an abortion (since they are banned in Kentucky), Cameron wants to be able to get those records from that out-of-state provider.

And not just abortion records: he wants to be able to get records related to “pregnancy, contraception, fertility, prenatal care, miscarriage management, and abortion,” as reported by Joe Sonka at the Courier-Journal.

And why would Cameron want those records? The letter makes it plain: the rule would be “unlawfully interfering with states’ authority to enforce their laws.”

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it?

I mean, I doubt that Cameron is gathering these records in order to do some sort of scientific study. He wants to “enforce the state’s laws” – and how do you do that? You prosecute anyone who, in your view, breaks those laws.

Cameron is one of 19 Republican AGs (always Republicans) who sent this letter to the Biden administration. The Tennessee AG has already started grabbing medical records, demanding and receiving records from the Vanderbilt health care system.

And here’s a final kicker: When Sonka asked Cameron’s office if they had already started pulling records from other states, they didn’t answer.


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