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Your weekly update (a day late!)

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good afternoon! This newsletter is a day late, because yesterday was the final day of the garden tour our house was on, and last night was just time for relaxing. (The tour turned out well, BTW!) So, I’m finally getting around to the weekly newsletter a day late.
    There are some updates to the site that you need to know about; they’re listed below. Also, I have a repeat question that I would like your feedback on once again. (Sorry to be so wishy-washy about this one topic; it continues to bug me.) And, if you haven’t checked out the Forum, please jump over there and introduce yourself.
    As always, thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky. Your interest and support are what drives us all to keep on keeping on!


New site features

We have added some new features to the site that I want to tell you about.

  • Story recommendations – We’re partnering with Contextly to provide links to other stories on the site that are (supposedly) related to the one you just read. We still need to tweak the setup a bit, but now you can read multiple stories at one sitting just by clicking the links to the recommended stories.
  • Tip Jar – We’re including a Tip Jar button in some stories, that will take you to a page where you can either tip the author of a story or donate to the site itself. Remember our authors are not paid for writing, so if you like their work, leave them a tip!
  • Update emails – We are working with an outside service to send Thank-You emails and Reminder emails to our members, for such things as letting you know your annual subscription is about to renew.

Yet another question about newsletters

I’ve been watching some other news and commentary sites that have newsletters, and I’ve noticed that most of them have both a weekly update and a daily summary. So, I continue to wonder if a daily or semi-daily newsletter with just a list of published stories would be useful for some of you.

SO – I’ve decided to ask about this again. Use the form below to respond. Thanks!

This week’s content

Most-read article

Cameron, Beshear, and who actually has the backing of law enforcement
Cameron is supposed to be the “top cop” – but it looks like Beshear actually has the support.

All other content

Trump indictment unsealed – a criminal law scholar explains what the charges mean, and what prosecutors will now need to prove
The Conversation spoke to criminal law scholar Gabriel J. Chin at the University of California, Davis School of Law about the most important takeaways from the unsealed indictment – and the new, open questions it presents about Trump’s alleged criminal activity.
Trump’s AG: “If Even Half of It Is True, He’s Toast”
Former attorney general Bill Barr says the Trump indictment is “damning.”
Read the full Trump indictment here
There’s a lot of evidence here.
Bruce’s Take: ‘Keyboard Warriors’ ... or actually dangerous?
Are we moving closer to political violence? Or is it all just talk?
We need better – no, MUCH better candidates
Are these the best we can do?
Guess what – it’s those ‘woke’ policies that have improved your life
Since the founding of the country, it’s the ‘woke’ people who have taken the country forward and made it better.
For second straight year, U.S. firearm fatalities reached record highs
CDC data for 2021 firearm fatalities show Black people at greatest risk for gun homicide; guns remain leading cause of death for children and teens ages 1–19 and young adults under 25
Today’s giant Supreme Court surprise ruling is a rare win for democracy
In Allen v. Milligan, the court upheld one of the last remaining pieces of the Voting Rights Act.
LGBTQ+ Pride in Kentucky
This week Jazmin took us on a journey to learn the often joyful history of LGBTQ+ folks here in Kentucky. LGBTQ+ people have always been with us and have had a significant impact on our state through the years, and Jazmin showed us when and how.
Two new ads from the Beshear campaign
Two contrasting ads, hitting two of the campaign’s themes
‘Or’ ignites latest conflict over what Kentucky schools may teach about sex, gender
Republican senator blasts Kentucky Department of Education’s guidance
Cameron, Beshear, and who actually has the backing of law enforcement
Cameron is supposed to be the “top cop” – but it looks like Beshear actually has the support.
“Put up or shut up”: A federal judge tore into Florida’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors
In a preliminary injunction, the judge allowed three of the plaintiff’s children to receive care and pushed a constitutional challenge to the law.
Politics headlines for Wednesday, June 7
Excerpts, snippets, and blurbs from across the political landscape
Breonna Taylor supporters announce campaign to defeat Cameron
The group hopes to increase turnout for Beshear in the state’s two largest cities.
Bruce’s Take: The PGA practices sportswashing
It’s all about the Benjamins – also known, in this case, as the blood money.
How AI could take over elections – and undermine democracy
Could organizations use artificial intelligence language models such as ChatGPT to induce voters to behave in specific ways?
AP Stylebook has a new section on gender terminology
This isn’t just for journalists, either – it’s a great reference for all of us.
Legislators nix Beshear’s second attempt at expanding Medicaid services
The Beshear reg expanded dental, vision and hearing services for Medicaid patients. it’ll remain in place for now.
KY leaving ERIC: sneaky plot, or legit?
The Repubs forced us into using ERIC, and now SOS Adams wants out. Are his reasons legit, or hiding a deeper plan?


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Bruce Maples

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The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

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