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All tornado resource pages updated

We have updated our tornado resource pages, with info on how to donate, where to get help, where to volunteer, where to stay, and what to do about your pets.

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We have taken all the information we could find in various list and consolidated it into three articles on the site. As of 12/15 at 3 PM, we have updated them with the latest information we have.

All told, there are over 200 information items in the lists. They have been gathered by many groups and individuals — who deserve our thanks for their work — and shared widely. Our hope is that putting them in this one place will make it easier for people to share.

The lists are not as “clean” formatting-wise as we normally aspire to. But, urgency overrode any worry about looks.

Note that these items were submitted by many people and organizations across the state. We have NOT called or emailed each of these resources to verify the information, as we thought it was more important to get the information out there. Some of it may be incorrect. If you discover that an item is incorrect, please contact us at

Tornado: Places to give or get help
Information related to the Kentucky tornado emergency
Tornado: How & where to donate
Information on donations to help with the tornado emergency in Kentucky
Tornado: Safe spaces for humans and animals
Information for people and animals who need a safe space to stay in, including foreign-born residents

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