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Teamsters and Kentucky State AFL-CIO forge historic affiliation

Two of the largest labor orgs in the state create historic partnership.

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Louisville, Ky. – In a groundbreaking move, the Teamsters Joint Council 94 and the Kentucky State AFL-CIO have solidified their partnership, creating a powerful alliance to champion workers’ rights across the state. The affiliation, endorsed unanimously by the Council’s executive board, marks a significant milestone in Kentucky labor history.

“Teamsters are a pillar of the labor community in Kentucky and the world,” said Dustin T. Reinstedler, state AFL-CIO president. “We are honored to have the committed solidarity from our brothers and sisters who carry a Teamsters union card.”

Added Liles Taylor, state AFL-CIO political coordinator: “This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to stand unified, as one voice, building legislative and electoral power for Kentucky’s working families.”

Teamsters Joint Council 94 covers approximately 30,000 Teamsters in Kentucky, southern Indiana, northern Tennessee and part of West Virginia, and consists of Locals 89, 175, 215, 236, 651, 697, 783 and 2727.

The Kentucky AFL-CIO covers approximately 100,000 union members of all types in Kentucky.

Both organizations have deep histories of impactful political and legislative work which has led to the betterment of working families.

“As president of Joint Council 94, I’m proud to have our organization affiliate with the State Fed so that every Teamster in the Commonwealth can now fall under the Kentucky AFL-CIO banner,” said Jeffrey S. Cooper, who is also Teamsters Local 89 Secretary-Treasurer. “In these trying times, it’s more important than ever that unions stand together, making this affiliation a great step forward for the Teamsters and the Kentucky labor movement as a whole,” he added.

Fellow Teamster Justin P. Scharrer echoed Cooper. "It is an honor to be an affiliate with the Kentucky AFL-CIO,” said Scharrer, president of Teamsters Local 783. “As new presidents, Dustin and I have the ability to collaborate and form impenetrable alliances that will build a bigger, better and stronger labor community that is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s put a stop to the war on workers and working families. Together, with solidarity, we can accomplish anything.”

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents over 1.3 million members, including 340,000 UPS workers nationwide, advocating for fair wages, job security, and workplace rights.

The Kentucky State AFL-CIO is a federation of labor unions committed to advancing the interests of working people in Kentucky.

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