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Berry Craig of Arlington, Ky., is a professor emeritus of history at West Kentucky Community College in Paducah and an author of seven books and co-author of two more, all on Kentucky history. His latest book is Kentuckians and Pearl Harbor: Stories from the Day of Infamy, published last fall by South Limestone Books, an imprint of the University Press of Kentucky.
Donald Trump giving thumbs up (caricature by DonkeyHotey)

America’s biggest loser

"We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’" Donald Trump famously boasted on the campaign trail in 2016. He skulked away today as one of the biggest presidential losers.
The Feldherrnhalle Hall on the Odeonsplatz in Munich, site of the clash between the storm troopers and the police (photo by Berry Craig)

A Munich Moment

In 1923, a young authoritarian tried to overthrow a government, and failed. Ten years later, he succeeded. In 2021, another authoritarian tried to throw out an election. Was this a Munich Moment?

A medal for Presidential lickspittles and look-alikes

What if Trump, his time almost up, got busy and made the Presidential Medal of Freedom retroactive back into history? What kindred spirits might he choose? Here's a Trumpian list.

So much for the so-called “Law-and-Order, Back-the-Badge, Pro-Life” party

Republicans as the "law-and-order" party? The "back-the-badge" party? The "pro-life" party? Uhm, not so much.

Goddard to the ‘law and order’ party: When will...

Otherwise mild-mannered Graves County substitute teacher Charlotte Goddard has tossed down the gauntlet to Republican lawmakers in Frankfort.
Governor Beshear delivering his state address on the pandemic (photo by Tom Latek, Kentucky Today)

Sign the petition to stop the GOP impeachment of Governor Beshear

Kentucky Republicans are getting up a committee to consider a petition to impeach Gov. Beshear. Sign this petition opposing those GOP political opportunists who are looking for any excuse to impeach Beshear.

We’ve expelled members of Congress before. We should do it now...

Sen. Hawley, allow me to introduce Sen. Polk, your fellow Missourian. Congressman Rogers, meet Congressman Burnett, a Kentuckian like you. Both were expelled from Congress. It's time to do that again.
October 28, 1922, – Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirts carry out their March on Rome, seizing total control over the Italian government. The March on Rome marked the beginning of Fascist rule over Italy, ending all social-liberal parliamentary regimes. (photo from History on This Day)

American Fascism

It’s way past time to call Trumpism what it is: American fascism.

Raise a glass and propose a toast — to Georgia, and...

Let's all say this together, just to see how it sounds: Senate MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell. Go ahead – Savor it. Sip it slowly, like fine Kentucky Bourbon.

When Trump leaves, will the GOP swear off Trumpism?

Think again, warns Bill Straub, a Kentucky Journalism Hall-of-Famer. "The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump. It has transformed entirely from the Reagan profile to the Trump profile."
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., joined by the GOP leadership, speaks to reporters just after meeting with Attorney General William Barr to discuss expiring provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and other government intelligence laws, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

New Year musings on two veeps and Capo McConnell

Some musings on two different vice-presidents and how they handled their jobs after they lost. And, about Trump's capo, Mitch McConnell.
Wajahat Ali

Why must only Democrats reach out?

I don’t think anyone would have much luck winning many converts for Team Blue in my neck of the woods where “You can’t be a Christian and a Democrat” is an article of faith.