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Greg Leichty is a professor of Communication at the University of Louisville. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of conflict management and social movements. He has been involved in several social justice organizations in the Louisville area over the last decade.

It’s time to reject toxic patriotism, and choose aspirational instead

Politicians have long used "patriotism" as a cheap campaign trick. We need to reject this, and instead choose "aspirational patriotism" as our goal.
Maria Sorolis (photo provided by candidate)

Maria Sorolis is “bullish on the American dream”

Maria Sorolis says hard work and education can lead to success, but only if we have government that actually helps. That's why she's running for KY House.
Robert DeNiro at Tony awards

De Niro F-bombs were counter-productive. Here’s why.

Robert De Niro laid two F-bombs on President Trump at the Tony awards. Greg Leichty says even though they felt good, these were actually counter-productive.

Overflow crowd at Louisville Women’s March

On a grey day in downtown Louisville, thousands of people came out for the Women's March at the Muhammad Ali Center. Here are three galleries of pictures from this year's event.

Turning the Tables in the Abortion Debate

Three conservative talking points may actually make good, unusual arguments in the abortion debate. At the very least, they open up new lines of discussion.

Explainer—The Kentucky General Assembly

For those of you wanting to learn more about how politics work in Kentucky, here is a short explainer on the Kentucky General Assembly from Greg Leichty.

Can Nonviolent Resistance Save Us? Or Do We Need Guns?

In the age of Trump, are we forced to choose between submission and armed rebellion? NO – nonviolent resistance is the best choice. Here's why.

Bevin’s Medicaid Waiver: Citizens Finally Get Their Say

The state held the Frankfort hearing for public comment on the Medicaid waiver, and Greg Leichty was there for Forward Kentucky. Here's his report.

Democrats Organize: Legislative District 32

Democrats around the state are meeting and planning for the future. One such meeting took place recently in House District 32 in Louisville.

Two Democratic Candidates Declare for 2018

Proving that it's never too soon to start working on the next election, two Democratic candidates have declared for the 2018 KY House race.

Can Kentucky Democrats Make Headway in 2018?

As we look ahead to 2018, the question hangs out there for all: can Kentucky Democrats gain ground? Let's take a look at the numbers.

Backgrounder: 3 Reasons UofL Is On Probation by SACS

On 12/6/16 UofL was put on probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Here are the three reasons why.

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