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Bruce’s Take: Share the “No Labels” info w/ friends and family

Learn from the past, learn from the present – and Just Say No.

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In the midst of the uber-corrosive partisanship in our country these days, a group that purports to be trying to bring people together, to field centrist candidates, and to live out the “Can’t we all just get along” mantra from Rodney King is certainly an attractive option.

The group “No Labels” knows that, and is banking on our shared exhaustion with political Hunger Games to build support for a third-party candidate.

Sounds good, right? Something worth looking into, right? Well, here’s my word to you:

Don’t be fooled; No Labels is a scam to defeat Joe Biden in 2024.

And here’s my second word to you:

Bookmark the thread we posted from Rick Wilson, then forward it and share it widely, especially among your Democratic and Independent friends and family.

Learn from the past

Look, let’s be clear: all of us are tired of the never-ending vitriol pushed by the right, and sometimes by the left. Some of us actually remember elected officials who were more interested in governing than in sound bites and viral tweets.

But we can’t let either our exhaustion or our idealism blind us to a simple fact: in our current system, no third-party candidate can come close to winning the White House in America.

And also note this: because of their natural idealism and belief in democracy, Democrats are more likely to vote third-party than Republicans. Thus, third-party candidate often siphon off more votes from the Dem side of the ledger than the Repub side.

It’s a controversial claim, but in the 2000 election, Bush beat Gore by 537 votes in Florida. Ralph Nader, that election’s third-party candidate, got 97,421 votes in that state. Exit polls showed that about a third of those would have voted for Gore if Nader hadn’t run, while only a fourth would have voted for Bush.

Learn from the present

Wilson points out some very telling facts in his thread:

  • The major donors for No Labels are the same donors supporting Ron DeSantis.
  • The leaders of No Labels say that Biden is as unacceptable as Trump.
  • If DeSantis wins the GOP nomination, No Labels says they will not run their own candidate.

It’s a con, folks. It’s a way to get a conservative in the White House. It’s a way to get back at the Dems. Why do they want to do that? Read the thread.

Just Say No to “No Labels”

At the risk of channeling Nancy Reagan, there’s my advice to you and to all who might read this: say No to “No Labels.” Every vote matters, and voting third party in this election is both throwing away your vote and enabling the fascists to win. Don’t do it.

And tell your friends and family as well: Just say no to No Labels.


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