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‘There is only one candidate for workers in Kentucky and that’s Andy Beshear.’

Here’s a sampling of the union support for Beshear at the Paducah rally.

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Governor Andy Beshear speaks with longtime Paducah union activist Larry Sanderson. (photo by Berry Craig)

Union members and union allies, notably from the Kentucky Education Association, helped swell the big and boisterous crowd at Gov. Andy Beshear’s Paducah fundraiser Friday evening. Here is a sampling of support for the governor who was endorsed by the Kentucky State AFL-CIO and by KEA:

Gov. Beshear has supported educators 110 percent. When he was attorney general, he backed educators. He stood up for our pensions and took care of educators. As governor, he’s kept every one of his promises. He’s proposed raises time and time and time again. KEA has endorsed Andy Beshear. We have encouraged our members to vote for Andy because he has stood for us and we stand behind him.

– Eddie Campbell, KEA president.

You see what happened when we lost [the state House of Representatives]. It’s just awful what [the GOP supermajority legislature] is doing to the working people of this state, not just union people, all working people. It’s scary to even imagine [Republican Daniel Cameron winning the governorship]. Every year you think the legislature can’t do any more. They do, and they’ll keep at it until [the union movement] is just totally gone.

– Al Cunningham, retired IUPAT District Council 91 representative.

If we don’t have Beshear back in there, we won’t have a firewall any more. They will control every branch of government. It will be a replay of Matt Bevin.

– Robert Harrington, Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 184
and IAM Local 1720 and Local 184 retiree

Why should we reelect Andy Beshear? First of all, because he’s honest. That’s a big number one. Most politicians are not honest. [Cameron] is not for working people.

– Jimmy Newton, Local 184 retiree

I think it’s pretty obvious. Ever since he’s been in office, Andy Beshear has been for the working people in all facets; every avenue you look down, he’s helped working people. He’s trying to resurrect the unemployment system, even though the House screwed it all up; he’s doing all he can to protect it and keep it going, keep it alive where they’d like to completely destroy it, do away with it. He’s been on some historic deals as far as some of the industry that he has brought to the state. PLAs have been signed, especially in the western end of the state where up until the last year or so they have been nonexistent. So I think he has worked hard for the working people of Kentucky ever since day one. Nobody had any doubt that he would do that. His dad did it. He grew up in that environment; I think it just comes as second nature to him. That’s who he is – he stands up for working people and he does what’s right to protect the working people.

– Chad Rennison, business manager, IBEW Local 816, Paducah

I think it is pretty obvious about Andy being not just for union workers but for all workers across Kentucky. I think it showed all four years, definitely with some of the big jobs he has landed here and also the way he has carried himself with the pandemic and the natural disasters – the tornadoes along with the flooding. He’s been hit with a lot. He stood up and took charge. I think he’s done a great job for all people in Kentucky.

– Derek Sanderson, business manager, Paducah Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 184, Paducah

Andy Beshear is our friend. You elect your friends and defeat your enemies – it’s as simple as that.

– Larry Sanderson, retired UA international representative for Kentucky and Tennessee

He’s been such a good governor. He’s strong in this western side of Kentucky, I know. A union guy needs somebody who will support him and that’s Andy Beshear up and down the line.

– Ron Spann, retired USW international representative

We’ve got one candidate running [for governor] right now who is for labor. The other candidate, and especially his running [state Sen. Robby Mills] are not. There is only one candidate for governor who is for workers in Kentucky and that’s Andy Beshear.

– Josh Gray, unit president, USW Local 9447


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Berry Craig

Berry Craig is a professor emeritus of history at West KY Community College, and an author of seven books and co-author of two more. (Read the rest on the Contributors page.)

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