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Over 700! Woohoo!

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Hello! Hope your weekend has gone well. Berry and Melinda Craig dropped by to visit, and Berry had his trusty camera with him (as always). You know he’s a good writer, but did you know he’s also a seriously good photographer! To brighten your weekend, here’s one of his pics from our back yard (you should see the lens Berry used):

I wanted to share that pic, not only because I think it is an amazing shot, but also because I didn’t want to seem TOO self-absorbed when I shared this news –

We’re now over 700 subscribers!

Yeah, I know – it’s not like we’re Daily Kos or something. But, having closed down the old site a year ago, and then started over less than a year ago, I’m pretty pleased to have over 700 people that have voluntarily signed up for our email list. I appreciate each and every one of you, free and paid, and thank you for adding Forward Kentucky to your subscriptions. (Tell your friends! <g>)

“Significant articles” now going out via email

A few weeks ago, I added a perk for all members: getting significant articles directly in your inbox, in addition to being able to read them on the site. So far we’ve got 19 people signed up for that, and I suspect many more would use it if they knew about it. So, consider this the reminder. If you want to be on the list to get important articles emailed to you, log in, then click the blue profile button at the bottom right, and go to Manage beside Newsletters. There you can opt in to SigArt. (And remember, Action Alerts are also available to all subscribers, so sign up for those if you want them.)

A few reminders about things on the site

  • At the bottom of each article are buttons for printing, making a PDF, or emailing the article. Nice way to share with people who aren't subscribers. (Tell them to sign up! )
  • At the top are sharing buttons, but also a Like button.
  • There are also reaction buttons under comments.

Just some features to remember are there.


That’s all the news from Headquarters. Thanks for reading!


PS – After listing all the stories for this week, I realized this was one of the most content-filled weeks we’ve had in a while. So, I would encourage you to scan the list below to make sure you don’t miss something valuable.

Most-viewed post this week

I’m not going to Fancy Farm. Here’s why.
For years and years, I’ve gone to the famous political picnic at Fancy Farm, Kentucky. But not this year. Here’s why.

Media this week

Matt Lehman interview, the abortion lawsuit, and the end (?) for Braidy Industries
Matt Lehman is running for KY-04 against Massie. Lehman lays out clearly why Massie is dangerous. Also, the injunction in the abortion lawsuit, and the end of the Braidy/Unity plant.
Listen by clicking above, or sign up here.
Dems da breaks w/guest Morgan McGarvey
A great episode this week: Nema updates on Frankfort shenanigans, Aaron digs in on the Democratic malaise, Doug covers some election scuttlebutt; and then, state senator and candidate Morgan McGarvey!
Watch or listen by clicking above, or watch on Youtube.

Stories this week

The last time Trump has to go to a voter again
From Steve Bannon: “After then, Trump never has to go to a voter again. He’ll just say ‘You lose. I’m the winner. I’m the king.’”
Tragedies don’t move them
The tale of a woman who died in Ireland in 2012 led to that country repealing its draconian abortion law. Don’t expect that to happen here, though, because tragedies don’t move rightwing extremists.
League of Women Voters releases statement on Dobbs; urges defeat of Amendment 2 this fall
The KY LWV board issued this statement in response to the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe. In addition, they urged voters to reject Amendment 2 this fall.
Of course women will be arrested for abortions. Did you think otherwise?
So, you think women won’t get arrested for abortions? Let’s take a look at where they already are.
Why Louisville Metro Council is smarter than SCOTUS on global warming
A tale of two cities can be told about last month’s U.S. Supreme Court decision throwing out the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to protect the environment from global warming.
Wednesday News and Notes
Ryan Quarles, Rand Paul, and a cast of thousands.
The proposal
I expected ample flora and fauna photo ops on our road trip to Alaska – and lots of knock-your-socks-off mountain scenery, to boot. I didn’t figure on photographing a marriage proposal.
Task force hears testimony on child care issues, solutions
The Early Childhood Education Task Force heard testimony from multiple organizations on the need for more child care options across the state.
A Kentuckian is running for governor of South Carolina
We’ve got a Kentucky native running for governor of another state — Learn more here!
Youth to speak on Capitol steps on abortion rights
A trio of young people are organizing a rally at the state Capitol to “demand bodily autonomy for ALL.”
The housing crisis: public problems, social solutions
We have a housing crisis in this country – and most answers people propose are either inadequate or don’t work at all. Neal Turpin lays out a Big Idea for a solution.
Rupert Murdoch changes horses
On July 22, Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch announced that he was changing horses.
Whose party has the Kentucky GOP _actually_ aligned with?
SOS Michael Adams was more than happy to proclaim “the birthplace of Lincoln has finally aligned with the party of Lincoln.” But an objective look at the facts puts the lie to Adams’s claim.
Dems close gap on GOP in midterm poll following Supreme Court’s upending of Roe
The Supreme Court’s decision to end abortion rights protections appears to be helping Democrats’ numbers.
Saying they are probably unconstitutional, judge extends ruling blocking two Kentucky laws that would greatly limit abortion
Saying Kentucky laws limiting access to abortion likely violate the state constitution, a Louisville judge has blocked them from taking effect until lawsuits challenging them are over.
Monday News and Notes
McConnell censured, Beshear on endorsing Booker, Ball announces run, Heine Bros workers charge unfair labor practices


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