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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! Now that we're past the primary and Memorial Day, things have slowed down somewhat, at least on the state political level. This is giving me a chance to go back and get some stories that are still important but weren't time-sensitive. You will be seeing some of those over the coming weeks.
    But even with that normal slowdown, there's still some Kentucky political news. There's the state-wide elections (remember, it's not just for governor). There was an announcement of a candidacy that is already historic, and would be unprededented if that candidate won. And, there's the impact of national politics on our state, including how our own electeds are involved.
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This week’s content

Most-read article

The three Ds of Daniel Cameron
The governor’s race has barely started, but Beshear is everywhere, while Cameron is MIA. All Cameron has going for him at this point is his three Ds.

All other content

Running against Woke
When these politicians rant about fighting “woke,” what exactly do they mean?
Emma Curtis announces historic bid for 93rd district House seat
Curtis is running to fill the seat of Lamin Swann, who died recently. If elected, she would be the first openly transgender state legislator in Kentucky history.
Hospitals in Two States Denied an Abortion to a Miscarrying Patient. Investigators Say They Broke Federal Law.
Doctors told her she might die but she couldn’t have an abortion under state law until she got sicker, documents show. The Biden administration says failing to act violates a federal law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care.
Race tied? Uhm, not so fast.
Cameron and the Repubs are trying to run against Biden – but he’s not in the race. Who is? The most popular Democratic governor in the country.
Dozens of GoFundMe users seek funds to flee states passing transphobic laws
Many trans individuals and their families see little recourse but to leave their states in response to anti-trans laws.
A legislative fix?
Repub lawmakers say there is no fix for gun violence. What about other issues?
Massie’s ‘yes’ vote key to passing of debt limit bill
Massie provided the necessary final vote to get the bill out of committee and onto the House floor.
News & Notes for Friday
Snippets and links to news stories and headlines from across Kentucky and national politics.
Debate over prayer in public schools has resurfaced
Some are worried protections for the non-religious will be eroded.
Here’s this week’s News Quiz!
Think you know this week’s news? Take the quiz and find out!
Rand Paul plans to make colleagues hate him more
Our own Senator is planning on proposing an amendment that he knows won’t pass, thus delaying everyone from going home.
House passes debt/budget bill, sends it to Senate
All six Kentucky members of the House voted for the bill.
Are we taking freedom of speech and press for granted?
We need freedom of the press everywhere – including right here in Kentucky.
Top 20 lobbying orgs for first four months of 2023
Over $11 million spent on lobbying 138 legislators in just a few months.
Kentucky’s largest utility tests new law creating barrier to retire fossil fuel plants
GOP lawmakers passed SB 4 earlier this year
Bruce’s Take: Massie in the catbird seat
Kentucky’s own Thomas Massie could cast a very significant vote today.
On Memorial Day
A special Memorial Day essay, written in 2020 by retired Marine Lt. Colonel Mike Broihier when he was a candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky.


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Bruce Maples

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The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

A very light news day, with most of the focus on the arrest of the golfer at the PGA last week. Of note, though, is Heather Cox Richardson’s summary of President Biden’s commencement speech at Morehouse.

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