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Your weekly update and story list

A couple of items about the site, then the list of all content from the week.

Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! I'm finally back from all the summer vacations, including driving to Virginia and back yesterday for a family wedding. (Whew!) So, I've got more time for the site ... and just in time, as the election is starting to heat up.

Speaking of hearing up, even the climate change deniers are finally having to admit that we are moving into uncharted territory. I don't oftem promote my own articles, but if you haven't read it, I hope you will read and share the article listed below on the climate crisis.

And finally, there's a few updates below, with a chance for some feedback. Hope to hear from you about them.

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A ForwardKY store? – I've put up a store on the site once before, and it was sorta successful. (We didn't lose money, so that made it a success. 😉)
    So, I'm kicking it around again, and need your feedback. Would you be interested in any of these things?
    – Political bumper stickers
    – ForwardKY-themed items
    – Collections of articles by some of our writers
    – Collection of Aaron Smith's editorial cartoons
    – Anything else you want to suggest?
    Just reply to this email if you have an opinion – especially if that opinion means you might actually spend money at such a story. 😊

Forum seeding – Since the activity on the forum has slowed down some during the summer, I'm going to “seed” it with some new discussion topics. Watch for an article on the site once I do.

This week’s content

Most-read article

Women: Daniel Cameron wants your medical records
And why, pray tell, would he want those records?

All other content

‘Climate change’ is becoming ‘climate crisis.’ And Kentucky isn’t ready.
It’s time for our state to move from responding to preparing.
Stumbling stones
There are over 70,000 small brass plates placed in 1,200 cities across Europe. Berry Craig explains what they are.
An interview with Cassie Chambers Armstrong
This week Jazmin and Robert interviewed Cassie Chambers Armstrong, the Kentucky Senator for District 19. She spoke about her decision to run for Senate, her experience in her first session, and her hopes for future sessions of the legislature. Before interviewing her, there were a few news items.
Dan Cameron news roundup, and Rep. Daniel Grossberg
This week Aaron, Kimberly, and Martina bring you a Dan Cameron news roundup, including his just-announced, and completely uninspired running mate. We then interview Rep. Daniel Grossberg, from Louisville’s 30th House District. We then close out with a critical (if slightly familiar) call to action.
Hell yes I’m woke. Why aren’t you?
It’s time to be explicit about what “woke” means – and why we’re woke and proud of it.
Striking back
Jen Sorensen on the “disruption” caused by striking workers.
Eighty-two years later, a Kentucky sailor is coming home
Another Kentucky sailor is coming home nearly 82 years after his life ended on the day President Franklin D. Roosevelt said would “live in infamy.”
Believe it or not, Jamie Comer was once seen as ‘reasonable’
Some Kentucky Democratic Party bigwigs confess they can remember when Rep. James Comer was a “reasonable” Republican.
Beshear cries ‘politics’ as auditor launches examination of disaster relief funds
Republican lawmakers say 200 checks went to wrong people, request review
Cameron chooses running mate who believes gender-affirming care is ‘experimental’
State senator Robby Mills is also well known as the leader of the Bevin effort to slash pensions for teachers and state workers.
Bill Straub: McConnell defends ethics-challenged Supreme Court as it denies time-honored precedent
Sen. Mitch McConnell has fathered an ugly baby. Now he’s trying to convince everyone that his homely little bundle of joy is actually the second-coming of Cleopatra.
News snippets for Friday, July 21
Excerpts with links for interesting stories from other sites.


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