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Important Update #2, plus weekly story list

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! As you can see from the title, this is our second weekly newsletter with an Important Update®. (If you missed the first, it’s listed below.)
    This week’s update is the re-opening of the ForwardKy Store. For now, we just have some bumper stickers for sale. But my goal is to expand it with some other Dem, progressive, and ForwardKY swag. So, check it out!
    If you have already voted, good for you. If not, BE SURE to get to the polls on Tuesday and vote straight Democrat. The Dem candidates are the better choice from top to bottom, and they deserve your vote.
    And as always, thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!



Update #2 – ForwardKY Store re-opens

We’re excited to announce that we have re-opened the ForwardKY Store! It’s available from the menu under “Support the Work,” and is titled “Buy Some Merch.” And we hope you do!

For now, we’ve just got some bumper stickers for sale. But, more stuff is on the way, and we’ll let you know as the catalog expands. Go take a look and buy yourself a bumper sticker or three!

Update #1 from last week – Sponsorships!

You can now help support the work by becoming a sponsor of one or more of our newsletters, podcast episodes, or videos. They are really inexpensive, and get your message in front of some of the most engaged voters and activists in the state. Organizations, businesses, and individuals can all be sponsors. It’s all explained on the Sponsorship page, so check it out and become a sponsor!

This Week’s Content

Most-Read Article

‘Speaker Mike Johnson does not stand with workers’
Johnson says he wants to get back to the business of legislating. But for whom is he legislating? It’s not for working people – that’s for sure.

The Rest of the Content

A note about that poll showing the race tied
Are you freaking out over the latest Emerson poll? Take a breath, and let’s dig into it.
Beshear draws large crowd in western Kentucky
The crowd filled the hall in Paducah, and included some Republicans who are for Beshear.
Use this resource to get ready for the election
Are you ready to vote? Need some help finding out where to vote, or which candidates to support? The League of Women Voters is here for you!
‘There is only one candidate for workers in Kentucky and that’s Andy Beshear.’
Here’s a sampling of the union support for Beshear at the Paducah rally.
Clardy on the Cameron ads
Daniel Cameron is angry about the ads, calling them racist. Historian Brian Clardy says the ads are accurate.
Among all the candidates, which will get the most votes?
Al Cross looks at where things stand in next week’s election, including which candidate might capture the “most votes of all the candidates” prize.
The race America should be watching
According to one analyst, the KY governor’s race could be “a harbinger of America’s future.”
How much is an end to violence worth?
Violence interrupter programs work. So why is Congress considering cutting them?
A major open-records decision: the Court got it right
The Kentucky Open Government Coalition won a major court case in the ongoing fight for government transparency. Amye Bensenhaver explains.
Answers in Genesis: an expensive violation of church and state separation
Why is the state sending millions of dollars to a clearly religious endeavor?
Planned Parenthood endorses ‘Colonel Pam’ for AG
The organization calls Col. Pam Stevenson “an experienced defender of democracy and reproductive freedom”
Fact check: Evidence supports Democrats’ case that Joe Biden made a personal loan to his brother
Once again, James Comer has been caught promoting a nothing-burger.
New speaker has worn his evangelical beliefs on his sleeve, but tries to assure moderates that they are part of his team
The new speaker is definitely not moderate – but can moderates push him toward the center?
Maybe we should just agree
Instead of arguing with our MAGA relatives, let’s just agree with them. And then take that agreement to its logical conclusion.
‘Speaker Mike Johnson does not stand with workers’
Johnson says he wants to get back to the business of legislating. But for whom is he legislating? It’s not for working people – that’s for sure.


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