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Hello all! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve sent out a newsletter, so there’s a good amount to cover. Please scan it all, and read the parts that seem important to you. <g> Feel free to reply if you have thoughts about any of these updates. Thanks!


News and Notes about the Site

Tip Jars

Our contributors are not paid; they write because they believe in the work, and to add to the progressive voice. So, I’ve started a Tip Jar for them. Whenever we run an original post, I’ll put a tip jar either in the body of the story or at the end. If you want to throw some $$ their way, just put the title of the story in the “What is this for” box, then click the PayPal button and enter whatever amount you want. The person who created the story will get 100% of what is donated, after the PayPal fees are taken out.

Media Pages

I’ve created separate pages for each of our media outlets, to make it easier to follow them and to catch up if you have missed episodes. Just go to the new Media menu on the site.

YouTube and TikTok

I am repurposing some of our content into videos on YouTube and TikTok. If you are on those platforms, subscribe to ForwardKY on each.

Also, I do “News & Notes” each M-W-F. I’ve started posting those on TikTok as well, and they are getting some traction there. If you or someone you know is on TikTok and want the basics of the political news, that’s a good place to start.


Our two podcasts are The State of Kentucky and Moving Kentucky Forward. Since TSOK is based on an article on the site, there is not need for a separate transcript. For MKF, we will provide a transcript, but only for paying members.

The Daily Take

I do a column each morning called “The Daily Take,” that is only available to paying members at the Partner level. If you are at that level, you can get this column each M-F morning by subscribing to it on your newsletter page in your profile.

Campaign Finance

If you haven’t already, check out the Campaign Finance section of Election Central. Lots of interesting data there. And remember – the final state fundraising reports are due this week. Watch for a story saying the numbers have been updated.

Top Stories

If you ever wonder what other people are reading on the site, scroll down the page and look in the right sidebar. There is a widget there called “Top Articles.” Just scan that to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

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Most-viewed post this week

The biggest loser in the Paul-Booker race
Come November 8, it is likely that Rand Paul will defeat Charles Booker for Kentucky’s seat in the U.S. Senate. But will Booker be the biggest loser in that race? Not according to Berry Craig.

Media this week

Daniel Grossberg interview, Racing Louisville scandals, UK football open records Requests, and more!
Jazmin covers the Racing Louisville scandal; Robert talks about UK football getting ORRed about comms w/ Kelly Craft; and an interview w/ Daniel Grossberg, the first Jewish person elected to Frankfort in half a century.
Weed, debt, and Democrats – w/ Colmon Elridge, Buddy Wheatley, and Kelly Jones
The Governor dangling weed pardons, the AG warning you about consumer scams, and Doug Price is Right on judge races. Plus, interviews with Colmon Elridge, Buddy Wheatley, and Kelly Jones.

Stories this week

“I’m not extremist!” Yes, you are.
Are those Republicans who want a total abortion ban “extremists”? Bruce Maples weighs in.
Breaking: Herald-Leader endorses Booker for Senate
Charles Booker, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate running against Rand Paul, has been endorsed by the Lexington Herald-Leader in an editorial that also slams Paul.
The University of Kentucky – a slow learner when it comes to open records
Having lost one open records case already, UK now has lost another one. Perhaps they need a remedial course in open records law?
East KY power co-op receives failing grade for climate pledges
Energy companies make public pledges to increase renewables, but then fail to follow through. So the Sierra Club is calling them out.
Facts to know about the Nov. 8 election
Did you know there are multiple ways to vote in Kentucky? Here’s a rundown, including some important deadlines.
Claims made in ‘Yes for Life’ ad around KY abortion vote are misleading. Here’s the reality.
The latest ad from the “Yes for Life” group contains false and misleading claims. Read the details here, then share with others.
Stereotyped – again
Have you ever been stereotyped? Berry Craig has, by both liberals and conservatives. They both assume he is a loyal Trumper. Boy, are they wrong.
Charles Booker bends the arc in Murray
The Calloway County Democratic Party had a fish fry on Friday that featured Charles Booker. And Booker did not disappoint.
Sign this petition for the Courier-Journal union, and let’s go six-for-six
Sign the petition to get Gannett management to recognize the new union at the C-J, and let’s go six-for-six in new unions getting organized.
Attn political junkies – we’ve got your campaign finance facts right here
I’ve spent the last two days getting all the latest number entered into our Election Finance page. I then did some work to come up with these interesting facts from the latest reports, both federal and state.
False prophets? Here are 20 of them.
Faithful America has released a top-20 list of false prophets: “far-right leaders who abuse Jesus’s name in a corrupt effort to seize power at all costs.”
Who’s spending $$ to fight or support Amendment 2?
The latest fund-raising numbers are in, and the group opposing the abortion amendment is dramatically out-raising the supporters. How much is the difference, and where is the money coming from?
A letter from a repulsed Kentuckian
After seeing Senator Rand Paul’s advertisement that he released instead of attending a moderated discussion with his political opponent, I could not stay silent.


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Bruce Maples

Bruce Maples has been involved in politics and activism since 2004, when he became active in the Kerry Kentucky movement. (Read the rest of his bio on the Bruce Maples Bio page in the bottom nav bar.)

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The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

The Daily Wrap for Monday, 5/20

A very light news day, with most of the focus on the arrest of the golfer at the PGA last week. Of note, though, is Heather Cox Richardson’s summary of President Biden’s commencement speech at Morehouse.

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