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The Veto Series – an index

A series of article listing all of Governor Beshear’s vetoes, with explanation and some of the veto language.

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I should have suspected this would happen. With the giant dump of bills sent to the governor before Veto Days, I should have known we would have a matching flood of vetoes to report on.

Now that that flood has commenced, I’ve decided to put them into a series, with some vetoes getting their own story, and others being lumped into groups.

This article is the index for the series, and will be updated as we add more veto stories. If you want to find a given bill, scan the list below.

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The index of stories

Veto Series 1 – Here are all the vetoes so far

SB 1 – Depower SBDM councils; impose the “Teaching American Principles Act” on school teachers
SB 83 – Trans athlete ban
HB 314 – Allow more small cities within Jefferson County; limit mayor to two terms
SB 217 – Procurement process of the Fish and Wildlife Commission
HB 388 – Can’t challenge the findings of the legislative contract review committee
HB 248 – Can’t use public funds to challenge bills passed by the legislature
Other “power grab” vetoes:
– HB 271 – Ag Department reorgs
– HB 335 – Rework various appointments
– SB 119 – Honorary naming of roads and bridges
– HB 334 – Changes to Executive Ethics Commission
– HB 773 – Changes to makeup of Prosecutors Advisory Council

Veto Series 2 – HB 9, the charter school bill

Veto Series 3 – HB 8, the “let’s blow a hole in the budget” bill

Veto Series 4 – HB7, the attack on the safety net

Veto Series 5 – Eight more vetoes

SB 65 – Overturns two administrative regulations
SB 167 – Attack on library boards
SB 207 – Establish collaborative to implement workforce policies
SB 216 – Election security and finance reporting
HB 390 – Add Ag Commish to Econ Dev board
HB 594 – Req analysis of economic impact of admin regulations
HB 740 – Various changes to election finance
HCR 138 – Evaluate feasibility of alternative rate mechanism for public utilities

Veto Series 6 – HB 3, the anti-abortion bill

Veto Series 7 – HB 690, the “guns in court” bill; and HB 297, expensive pension consultants


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