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Notes from Bruce

Wow – what a week! The Repubs took down more Dems in Frankfort (due to gerrymandering), but nationally the “Red Wave” turned into the Red Washout. Democrats still control the Senate, and could even wind up holding on to the House – the best midterm results for a president’s party in a long, long time.

New ForwardKY shows

Here are ForwardKY, we’ve been busy as well. We’ve restarted two shows, and for each one you can listen to the podcast, OR watch the video, OR read the text:

  • Moving Kentucky Forward – A weekly interview show with electeds, activists, and experts
  • The State of Kentucky – A commentary show that starts as an article on the site, then is recorded as a video and a podcast

The latest episode of each will be posted on the site as a story (see the list below), but also has its own page on our Media home page. If you’re into podcasts or videos or both, subscribe to our podcasts and to our YouTube channel.

KYGA is only 50 days away

The 2023 session of the KY General Assembly is only 50 days away, but we’re already getting ready. The Bill Tracker feature will be back, as well as the morning update on what happened the day before. You need to be at the Patron level ($5 a month) to use the Bill Tracker, and at the Partner level ($9 a month) to get the daily update. So, if you want those and you are currently at the Friend level, you need to consider upgrading your membership before January. Just click the profile button in the lower right after you have logged in.

Do you need a stories list more than once a week?

As part of this weekly newsletter, we list all the stories that were published that week. Some members have expressed interest in getting either a daily email or a MWF email that would be simply a list of stories, so they wouldn’t have to remember to check the site to see what was new. If you are interested in this, let me know. I’m glad to take the time to do it IF there is enough interest. (I’d say at least 30 people.) Just hit Reply and let me know.


That’s all the updates for this week. On to the stories lists!


Most-viewed post this week

Clardy to Walker and Cameron: ‘Brothers, you’re being used.’
Historian Brian Clardy has one message for Herschel Walker and Daniel Cameron.

Media this week

Robert Kahne analyzes the election results
Elections analysis guru Robert Kahne lays out what he saw in Tuesday’s election in Kentucky.
Repubs’ gerrymandering did exactly what they wanted
The Repubs drew our state House districts to rig them for Republicans and to get rid of as many Dems as possible. And it worked.
“The State of Kentucky” editorial
Election 2022
It was a mixed bag in 2022! Two (bad) constitutional amendments went down, several good judges won, and local elections in Louisville and Lexington went pretty well! But the State House is going to become even more Republican. We talked about it all!
Election Results - One big sigh of relief w/Bruce Maples
Aaron, Doug and special guest Bruce Maples from Forward Kentucky dig in on Kentucky’s mid-term results - the failed constitutional amendments, the failed effort to take down Rand Paul, and the successes of the GOP to draw maps that help them build on their electoral domination in Frankfort.

Stories this week

The Booker campaign: a reflection from an historian
Berry Craig reflects on the Booker campaign, and compares it to political movements and moments from the past
After-the-election News and Notes
It’s the day after the election, and we’ve got your summary right here. (Plus a few other stories to know about.)
Despite polarization, what can this election teach us?
Are there lessons for both parties from the surprising results of this election? Ken Wolf thinks there are.
A victory for open government
Judge Phillip Shepherd’s victory secures the future of open government in Franklin Circuit Court for the next eight years.
The Red Wave that wasn’t
The Red Wave that was supposed to sweep the nation into Republican control didn’t happen. In fact, Dems outperformed normal midterm results significantly.
2022 Election Results: Kentucky
The wilderness years continue for KY Dems.
Roe, Roe, Roe your vote – abortion amendment defeated
The Repubs went for the grand prize – but instead of winning, they went too far, and Kentucky voters told them “NO.”
Too much trivial horse-race coverage of the midterms
This is NOT just another election – even though the media, including MSNBC, want to cover it that way.
Three election stories you should read
Berry Craig is one of our most prolific, and most popular, contributors here at Forward Kentucky. And for this year’s midterms, he has put together a threesome of election stories that are definitely worth your time.
Vote as if it’s your last chance to have your voice heard. Because it may well be.
We can’t pretend we don’t know what’s happening and where it will lead if it’s not stopped.
A true tale of two ties and more
Think your vote doesn’t matter? Gather ’round, dear readers, and hear a true tale of three elections: Two ties and a single vote win – out of 12,637 ballots cast.
The spitting and biting Lyons
It’s a pretty safe bet that between now and Tuesday, First District U.S. Rep. James Comer won’t bite one constituent’s thumb off, or duke it out with another. That’s ditto for Comer’s challenger, Jimmy Ausbrooks. Even so, there would be precedent.

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Bruce Maples

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