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Your weekly update w/ new posts and forum topics

Stories, including most-read, plus site updates

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! Hope you are staying cool and drinking lots of water. You know that heat can be dangerous to all living things; be sure to take it seriously.

As you might expect, we’ve had a number of climate crisis articles on the site. If you haven’t read mine about why Kentucky isn’t ready, please read and share. And check out the others as well.

There are some updates below that you’ll want to read, including some new topics in the Forum. Remember, if you’ve never logged in to the Forum, you should go to the regular ForwardKY site and chose the Forum menu choice to log in. That will set a cookie in your browser so you can go straight there in the future.

Read on for the updates and the story list for this week. And thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!



The Reading List – If you are a paying member, you can get the story list sent to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday, in addition to this Sunday newsletter. Just turn on the toggle in your Account.

New boxes in stories – You may have noticed I’m adding two boxes to most stories. Please use them if you feel so led 😉:

  • A tip jar, if you want to tip the author of the story
  • A sharing box, to encourage you to share the story on social media. Please share more stories; i’s how we grow.

New starter topics in the Forum – The Forum has been a little slow, so I have added four topics to spur discussion and participation:

  • Can we trust the polling?
  • What about the down-ballot races?
  • Are you doing any campaign work, or planning to?
  • What will happen to SB 150?

Go add your $0.02 to the discussion on these. And if you haven’t introduced yourself in The Lounge, do that too.

This week’s content

Most-read article

Five reasons NOT to vote for Daniel Cameron
Any of these five could be disqualifying on its own. Together, they show clearly that Cameron should not be governor.

All other content

Greenhouse Gaslighting 2.0
Climate change deniers reboot their arguments, even as the world smokes and sizzles
The planet is becoming unlivable. How long will politicians be able to ignore this?
This truly is a climate emergency, and every day that goes by without significant action further endangers the future of almost all life on Earth, including us.
An insider shares what REALLY happened to Senator McConnell yesterday.
Hell yes I’m woke. Why aren’t you?
It’s time to be explicit about what “woke” means – and why we’re woke and proud of it.
‘Climate change’ is becoming ‘climate crisis.’ And Kentucky isn’t ready.
It’s time for our state to move from responding to preparing.
News and Notes for Friday, 7/28
A couple of stories about McConnell, other news snippets, and some interesting Tweets.
Proposed East KY federal prison would have devastating environmental impacts
Hal Rogers wants his Letcher County prison, no matter what. But the Sierra Club says the prison will increase the likelihood of floods.
The Mitch McConnell Building, brought to you by Pfizer
We cover the week’s breaking political news, including new revelations about the KY GOP’s HQ, brought to you by Mitch and Pfizer. Then, we’re glad to be joined by Bill Londrigan, the head of the KY AFL-CIO, to share what Labor’s thinking about the upcoming election.
Cameron and Mills: union-busting buddies
Want more Matt-Bevin-style attacks on working people? Vote for these two.
Has Joe Wright’s example been forgotten?
Joe Wright served long and well, then stepped down when it was time – an example too rarely followed today.
Voters largely oppose conservative amendments to defense spending bill
Most voters don’t like using the military budget as a vehicle for social issues.
Corporate dollars keep pouring into Republican Party of Kentucky building fund
McConnell’s chief fundraiser is raising the money for the Mitch McConnell Building
News and Notes for Wednesday, 7/26
Slow news day, but a few really important (and terrifying) tweets.
Former candidate files defamation suit against KDP, Rachel Roberts, and Coleman Elridge
Jerry Gearding claims campaign material produced by the KDP for Roberts’s campaign was defamatory.
A tiresome Kentucky threesome
Three Kentucky politicians who just exhaust us. Tired yet?
Cameron’s office continues to ignore court order
In 35 years of open records practice, I can recall no prior case in which a court has ordered the Attorney General’s office to submit to a deposition because of the failure of the AG to discharge his basic legal duties.
Hal Rogers’s plan to get his prison no matter what
Kentucky congressman who wants a prison tries to do a Manchin: Use an appropriations bill to override the other branches
News and Notes for Monday, 7/24
Excerpts from stories across Kentucky and the nation, plus selected tweets. Look for News and Notes most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Beshear responds to Cameron’s false ad
The Cameron campaign lied about Beshear’s position on gender-reassignment surgery for minors. Today, Beshear set the record straight.


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Bruce Maples

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