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Your weekly update and story list, plus a (small) announcement

Lots of good stories this week – be sure to check out the list!

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! We’ve had some good stories on the site this week, including some important ones on the climate crisis, and a really good analysis of the money in the governors’ race. They’re all listed below, so if you missed one, click the link and check it out.

The announcement is that I will be somewhat off the grid for a couple of weeks, beginning this Wednesday. So, if you don’t see as many articles as normal, don’t worry; we’ll be back up to full speed in a few weeks.

As always, thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!


This Week’s Content

Most-Read Article

A message from young voters in Kentucky
Young adults are paying attention to this election, with specific concerns on their mind. Who do they think will address those concerns? The people in the picture above.

The Rest of the Content

Mitch and Joe, tell us more
Two of the most important leaders in the country are over 80. Yet, we know very little about the state of their health, including their brains. Al Cross says we deserve more.
Parts of the world have already grown too hot for human survival
Even more areas will face such conditions as the planet continues to warm from fossil fuel combustion.
MAGA high priest gets his history exceptionally wrong
Rand Paul, a high priest in the MAGA cult of selfishness, used an outlandish statement to endorse Daniel Cameron. Berry Craig corrects his ignorance.
The 2024 US House is the Democrats’ for the taking
We’re still 13 months from the 2024 election. But just like you can see hurricanes coming before they strike land, Murfster says he can see the Dem storm coming for 2024. Read on to see why.
A break in the Crystal Rogers case
No guest this week, but Robert and Jazmin talked about an update in the 8-year saga of the disappearance of Crystal Rogers, which just saw it’s first arrest. Then, the pair discussed some drama in the special election in House District 93.
Big money for broadband w/ Mason Kalinsky of Hood to the Holler
We cover a couple of big money political stories: one about the election & one about roads, bridges, & broadband. Then, we bring you a conversation with Mason Kalinsky, organizing director for Hood to the Holler, to see what HttH has been up to.
Offering treatment to drug users instead of arresting them reduces crime and addiction
New research into police diversion programs shows effectiveness at reducing drug use, homelessness, and crime.
Summer 2023 was the hottest on record – yes, it’s climate change, but don’t call it ‘the new normal’
Summer 2023 has been the hottest on record by a huge margin. Heat waves cooked Europe, Japan, Texas, and the Southwestern U.S. Phoenix hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit for a record 54 days, including a 31-day streak in July. Large parts of Canada were on fire. Lahaina, Hawaii, burned to the ground.
Arkansas sets the bar; will Kentuckians respond?
Arkansans set a high bar for Kentuckians in responding to their governor’s direct assault on the state’s public records law, and their message is clear: Stop putting the public’s interest last yet again.
Kentucky ban on collecting some union dues by payroll deduction struck down
Teachers union wins a round as judge rules new law created ‘favoritism’ toward some unions exempted by legislature from its provisions.
Beshear far outraises Cameron. But that’s only part of the money story.
Spending by outside groups likely to keep Republican challenger competitive in Kentucky governor’s race.
Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles among three finalists for the presidency of KCTCS
Ryan Quarles may be leaving the political realm to put his Ph.D. to work leading the state’s community college system.
Six takeaways from new report highlighting Comer’s 8 months of failed investigations
The Congressional Integrity Project has been excoriating Jamie Comer for months over his efforts to smear the Bidens. Now the Dems on the Oversight Committee have released their own report on Comer’s actions.
Politics News and Notes for Wednesday
News stories you may have missed from across the political landscape.
The election denial movement could threaten rural voting
Experts are voicing concern over the election denial movement, which threatens to disrupt improvements in how votes are cast, counted, and reported in rural America.
Adam Edelen is putting solar on mountains
We talk with Adam Edelen about his exciting project of building out solar arrays on the tops of mountains in Kentucky. He tells us about the jobs this is creating, who is buying the power, and the difference this can make for both the climate and the economy. Watch or listen to learn more!
So many prayers. So little action.
Many of our legislators claim to be “pro-life” – but when it comes to saving lives from guns, they take no action. At what point do prayers need to get legs?
What I’ve learned while knocking doors to save democracy
Guess what – doing political door-knocking can actually be fun! Joanie Prentice shares her experiences while out meeting with voters.
As Kentucky’s near-total abortion ban largely eliminates the procedure in the state, Kentuckians go to other states for it
From January to July of this year, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services received reports of 13 abortions in the state, compared to 2,591 in the same time frame in 2021, showing the impact of state laws that were invoked when the U.S. Supreme Court nullified

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