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The Forum is open!

A major new part of Forward Kentucky is now up and running.

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Bruce Maples
Bruce Maples, publisher

Good evening! I’ve got some exciting news: After some weeks of work to get everything working, The ForwardKY Discussion Forum is finally up and running! You can read more about this below – but even more important, you can start posting on it tonight! (In fact, as soon as I send this newsletter, I’m going to be hanging out there to reply to your posts.)
    This Tuesday is the primary, of course. I’m a poll worker, so I’ll be at my assigned location from 5 in the morning to 7 at night. (Got to love those 14-hour days.) I’ve already voted, of course, since I can't vote on Tuesday. The Dem ballot was, shall we say, short. But, even so, I wanted to not neglect the privilege of voting, since so many have done so much to make it possible. Hope you feel the same and will vote, regardless of the shortness of the ballot.
    Read on to learn about the Forum. And thanks for being a member of Forward Kentucky!


Forward Kentucky launches new discussion forum

After much work, including some custom coding, the Discussion Forum is up and running and ready for YOUR comments and discussion!

There are two main goals for this new part of Forward Kentucky:

  • To provide a place for robust discussion of politics, both inside and outside of Kentucky, without the discussion devolving into the typical news site comment section; and,
  • To build a community of our members, where we get to know each other, hear from each other, and have a place to be our political home

Obviously, none of this will work without actual discussion: new topics, new replies, and so on. So, as soon as you finish reading this newsletter, please click this link to go to the start page for the Forum! Then go to the Lounge category, to the Introduce Yourself topic, and do just that!

An important technical note

The Forum uses single-sign-on (SSO) to log you in. So, be sure you are logged in on the main ForwardKY site before trying to go to the Forum.

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If you lie about something simply to get more votes out of your base, what’s that called? Oh, yeah…

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Kelly Craft goes there, and doesn’t even realize what she has tapped into.
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A bad record is still a record.
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The group got kudos from across the state and beyond.
Tuesday’s GOP primary may re-define Kentucky Republicans
Will the KY GOP elect full-blown MAGAs and election deniers? Will the cash and the ads be more important than competence? Has McConnell’s leadership of KY Repubs finally ended?
The ACLU is trying to stop SB 150
Did you know the ACLU is suing to block SB 150, the draconian anti-trans bill? Jazmin Smith lays it all out for us.
Will a big bag of coal cash buy the gov’s race?
The Colonels take a look at the Craft bucket o’ cash, then talk with Michael Bowman, the Dem candidate for state treasurer.
New Dem org forms to do local party training
KDA’s tagline: “Building the party from the ground up”
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Nick Anderson nails Trump’s reaction to the E. Jean Carroll verdict.
Would her family’s financial stake in the coal industry affect Craft’s actions as governor?
Ethics expert says GOP hopeful would ‘absolutely’ have a conflict of interest. It’s ‘for the people to decide’ if there’s a problem, says a former Kentucky governor.
Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin seems to have picked the lock on split-ticket voters
Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post looks at how U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin is winning over some of the state’s swing voters and setting an example for fellow party members.
Ryan Quarles seeks to shoot the gap in GOP gubernatorial primary
With a week left in the Republican primary for governor, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles is on the air with an ad seeking to split the frontrunners.
Virginia Moore, Beshear’s sign language interpreter, dies
Virginia Moore, the sign language interpreter that grew popular during Gov. Andy Beshear’s COVID-19 pandemic updates, has died.
“It’s crazy out there.”
“Bruce’s Take” for Monday, May 8


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