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Weekly Update – Get your election scorecard!

Here’s a freebie for all our members (free and paid) – a spreadsheet for keeping track of election results on Tuesday night!

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Notes from Bruce

As they say, “it’s almost all over but the shouting.” The midterms are two days away (although early voting has been going on for some time), and two nights from now we’ll begin to see how things are going to shake out in Kentucky and across the country.

All the big races will get lots of coverage, but what about our state-level races? How to keep track of all 119 legislative races, as well as the six Congressional races and the Senate race? Well, ForwardKy has you covered.

The Election Scorecard – for all members

I’ve built an election scorecard in Excel that is easy-peasy to use. For each race, just put the party of the winner in the “Win. Party” column for that race, and the spreadsheet does the rest:

  • Keeps track of the D vs R breakdown in the Kentucky House and Senate;
  • Tells you if a seat flipped from red to blue, or vice versa;
  • Tells you the difference in the numbers for the upcoming session vs the last one.

The scorecard can be downloaded from this post. It is only for members (free or paid), so be sure you are logged in. Save it, open it, and you’ll be ready to go for results-watching on Tuesday night.

Oh, and one other thing – if you want, you can enter the results you would LIKE to see, or that you think likely, and see how that makes things look. Best practice would be to copy the one worksheet and play on that, so you’ve still got the fresh one for Tuesday night.

Hope you find this helpful.

A daily update on what’s been published?

I asked a few weeks ago if people would find a daily newsletter that listed what was published that day helpful. (I’m talking a bare-bones email with just a list of posts for that day, linked to the stories themselves.) Some people said they would use that. If you would find this useful, let me know. It will obviously be an opt-in sort of thing.


Okay, that’s all the news from me for this week. I’ve got a few more updates coming, which I’ll cover next week. On to this week’s content!


Most-viewed post this week

Clardy to Walker and Cameron: ‘Brothers, you’re being used.’
Historian Brian Clardy has one message for Herschel Walker and Daniel Cameron.

Media this week

WATCH THIS – “We need to stop pretending that we’re not looking at what we’re looking at.”
A critically important message. Watch, then share broadly.
An interview with Kate Turner, running against Jason Nemes
We’re baaaaack!! Yes, “Moving Kentucky Forward” is back after a too-long hiatus. And for our first show back, we interview Kate Turner, who is running against Jason Nemes for KY House district 33. This was a great interview, and Kate is a great candidate!
Biden: ‘Democracy is on the ballot’
President Biden is doing his best to call out the dangers facing our democracy, and the threat of a minority who want to do away with it. A strong and timely speech.
Interview with Mayor Linda Gorton and 2022 Election Preview
Lexington-Fayette County Mayor Linda Gorton joined us this week to talk about her run for re-election and the things she’s most proud of during her previous term as mayor. And, Jazmin and Robert did a long election preview this week.
GOTV-TV on Colonels of Truth
Kimberly, Doug and special co-host Willie join forces to give you the information and inspiration we all need to put in the final efforts between now and Tuesday, Nov. 8th.

Stories this week

It’s critical to see what a Fascist America looks like, before it’s too late
This election may well seal or determine the fate and future of democracy in the United States and, by extension, most of the rest of the world.
A GOTV report from the field
I received this email yesterday from a member of Forward Kentucky who is volunteering for a local campaign. I thought it was worth sharing with all of you, and asked if I could. The writer said “Sure.” So, here it is, just as it was sent. I canvassed again for
‘What has happened to our country?’
Five years before the Civil War, politics had become so heated that violence entered the political arena. Are we there again?
Thomas Massie – intelligent, but not wise
Is Thomas Massie intelligent? Definitely. Is he wise? Definitely not.
I voted for Charles Booker ... and WITH him too!
Early voting started this morning, and I decided to go vote at the same place Charles Booker was voting. It was neat, and I’ve got pics to prove it!
Ending the rule of law
The MAGA Republicans and their enablers aren’t talking too much about the rule of law – except when they talk about ending it.
Sending public money to private schools breaks Kentucky’s commitment to students
The best use of public resources to support improved outcomes for all students is to reinvest in our public schools. HB 563 instead unconstitutionally siphons more resources away from our already underfunded public schools to the detriment of all of Kentucky’s kids.
Together Frankfort releases video on constitutional amendments
Together Frankfort has released a video outlining the two constitutional amendments on the ballot next week, and encourages voters to watch it before voting.
Question: How many Kentucky churches are breaking the law?
Some churches across the Commonwealth are breaking the law, and doing so intentionally. What is this law, and why are they breaking it?
Churches are breaking the law by endorsing in elections, experts Say. The IRS looks the other way.
There is a law on the books that says churches cannot endorse candidates. A church that does so is in danger of losing its tax-exempt status. But the law is not being enforced.
Democracy is in trouble – but voters don’t care, and Repubs are red-baiting
Berry Craig interviewed two KY professors, Josh Douglass and John Hennen, about the state of democracy. What they said is not encouraging.
Madison Leach makes history in western Kentucky
No matter who wins the race for Calloway County attorney, Democrat Madison Leach has made history. She’s apparently the first openly trans candidate to seek elected office in western Kentucky, one of the state’s most conservative corners.
Booker in Paducah: ‘We’re going to win.’
Charles Booker brought his campaign bus to Paducah, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd and declaring the upset is coming.

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All results from Tuesday’s primary

All results from Tuesday’s primary

Here’s a list of all the results from Kentucky’s 2024 primary election that were reported on the Board of Elections site. These include federal, state legislative, and some judges and county attorneys.

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